All In One Solar Wind LED Street Light

All In One 60W Wind Solar Hybrid LED Street Light.
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1. Why We Develop This Product

In the dark depths of winter,there's nothing like a sunny day to set your spirits soaring.Trees and flowers reach for the sky,cats bask in the warm sunlight,and even humans take time to sit in gardens or stroll along the beach.

The message is clear:everything living loves natural light!So wouldn't it be great if we could use more of it in our buildings instead of the sterile,artificial electric light we usually have to put up with?Windows and skylights are great for this,but they can't always get light deep into large commercial buildings such as stores and warehouses, and they may not give enough lighting on dull days.A relatively new idea called hybrid solar lighting (HSL) aims to solve these problems.Here's how it works!

2. How This Product Designed

solar wind hybrid system

wind solar hybrid


led street light


Especially for high latitude area,alpine region and area lack of sunlight but with rich wind energy.

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