All In One Solar Street Courtyard Light

All In One Solar Street Courtyard Light works in the same way as a traditional solar light. The difference is that it has a lamp holder, a battery board, a battery, a controller system, and the control system controls the charge and discharge mode.
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Product Details


All in one integrated Design (Put solar panel, LED lamp, lithium battery, and controller together);

Very easy to install and transport;

Very long lifespan: more than 50,000 hours;

Green energe, eco-friendly: Solar Energy, no pollution and no harm.

Resist any Bad Weather Condition and Working Temperature Range from -30°C to 60°C.


1. All in one Solar garden street lights, New invention patent products;

2. From 5W to 120W;

3. Integration design, put solar panel, Led lamp, battery and cotroller all in a box, without any cable;

4. What you need to do when you receive them is to put them on the pole or wall, easy to ship, install and maintain.


1. No electricity bills, as runs on Solar power;

2. Easy to install;

3. No scheduled maintenance;

4. No battery maintenance required for almost 3 to 4 years;

5. 100% Environment friendly: As it is powered by sunlight;

6. Long life PV modules with up to more than 20+ years of power generation capacity;

7. Controlled charging to prolong battery life;

8. Integrated solution: Light On/Off controlled by automatic daylight sensing;

9. Better light source: LED lights feature cool White light, No flickering. Higher brightness than sodium;

10. Micro controller based design enables efficient and intelligent working.




Solar Panel

Imported Mono Solar Cell 18V 65W

LED Brand

Bridegelux 12V 20W 2100-2200LM


Lithium Battery 26AH

Mounting Height


Discharge Time

5-7 Rainy Days

Working Temperature




Charge Time

7 Hours

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