Manufacturer Turbine Wind Solar Hybrid LED Street Lamp Ce/RoHS/ISO Certificed

Manufacturer Turbine Wind Solar Hybrid LED Street Lamp Ce/RoHS/ISO Certificed

All In One Integrated Dusk To Dawn 50W Solar Wind Street Light.

Product Details

Our overall process of 60 watt led street light, Pendant Lighting, Modular Led Street Lights has reached the world's advanced level, thus the development of related industries will be promoted. We regard the improvement of employees' lives and the enhancement of their abilities as one of the important goals of our operations. Welcome to inquire about our products and solutions. Both domestic and foreign merchants are strongly welcomed to join us to grow together.


Wind generator transfers wind energy into electricity;Solar panel converts solar energy into electricity.And the electricity from both wind generator and solar panel charge the battery by the wind-solar hybrid controller.

Both wind energy and solar energy are converted into electricity and stored in the battery.The controller swithches on automatically and powers the LED lamps with the energy in the battery.The Solar Wind Turbine Lamp turns on and off automatically controlled. 


1. Large power,small volume,low weight,high efficiency.

2. Carbon fiber blades,high efficiency of anti-wind ability.

3. Blades with the ability of automatically stall protection under strong wind.

4. Automatic Light Control + Time control+ Infrared Human Sensor + APP mobile function control. 

APP mobile: through mobile app connect, which can set 7-10 raining days and detection, maintenance etc.

APP control Integrated Solar Street Light from 18W to 120W.


1. All in one integrated Design (Put solar panel, LED lamp, lithium battery, and controller together; take wind tubrine as complementation for some seaside area or where has sufficient wind energy);

2. Very easy to install and transport;

3. LED long lifespan: American Bridgelux, more than 50,000 hours;

4. Green energe, eco-friendly: Solar Energy, no pollution and no harm.

5. Resist any Bad Weather Condition and Working Temperature Range from -30°C to 65°C.

Our rigorous quality management, mature and excellent technology, and advanced and complete test methods are reliable guarantees of the quality of our Manufacturer Turbine Wind Solar Hybrid LED Street Lamp Ce/RoHS/ISO Certificed. Our products and solutions are sold to many countries worldwide, and are favorably appraised by clients. To win customers' confidence, Best Source has set up a strong sales and after-sales team to deliver the best product and service.


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