China Factory Separated Design Outdoor Split Power LED Solar Street Light 20W Lithium Battery

China Factory Separated Design Outdoor Split Power LED Solar Street Light 20W Lithium Battery

60W LED Street Light With Solar System.

Product Details

With rigorous attitude and R&D technology, our company continuously applies new ideas and technologies to 150W outside street lamps, Commercial Parking Lot Flood Lights, Modular Led Street Lights. Our mission is to pursue the superlative quality, making continual progress. The first class facilities, outstanding client-oriented service team, professional expert group and strict quality control procedures guarantee the highest quality of each product produced at our factory. Our company is committed to bringing an innovative and efficient product procurement experience to companies pursuing high efficiency and low cost so that they can reduce comprehensive procurement costs. We regard R&D and innovation as our core competitiveness and have established a first-class R&D and design team in the industry.


60W Separated Solar LED Street Light is a rechargeable solar street system composed of MONO crystalline high performance panels which convert solar energy into electricity, Built-in microwave sensor  and Lithium battery (10 years lifetime at 40°C constant) which stores the energy produced and a lighting management system that ensures an optimised use of energy with no black out for 365 days per year.  It is a reliable and durable stand alone solar solution for sustainable street lighting , Car parking lighting, garden lighting etc, perfect in arid, tropical and temperate environments.


solar road lighting

Time-1,4 Hours 100% bright light.

Time-2,6 Hours 50% bright light, in this time, motion sensor will be active to turn on 100% bright for 45S".

Time-3,100% bright light till dawn.


1. Solar panel: panel conversion efficiency can be up to 17%, 20-year life and 5-year guarantee.

2. Battery: Lithium Battery, reliable, over charge and over discharge protection, 8 to 10-year life and 3-year guarantee.

3. LED street light: 100,000-hour life and 5-year guarantee.

4. LED chip is luminous source with 120lm/w.

5. Constant-current power supply and control system integrated.

6. After 10-year of operation the luminous flux of our LEDs is about 90% of initial levels.

7. 1-piece LED not working, won't impact other LEDs.

8. Water-resistant, decrease risk of unworking in damp conditions.

We have cultivated a professional technical team and established a high-quality and highly dedicated sales team to make sure that our China Factory Separated Design Outdoor Split Power LED Solar Street Light 20W Lithium Battery enjoys the popularity on the market for its performance. What we can achieve is because no one takes the cause of intelligent technology more seriously and seriously than us! Our development is based on modernization, technology, intelligence, and innovative marketing services.
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