What Problems Does LED Street Lamp Manufacturer Encounter?

- Apr 14, 2018-

Things always in constant development, LED street lamp technology is also in constant development, especially the use of LED lights are now, but because of its use place is constantly increasing, the LED street lamp manufacturers also have a few problems.

The energy-saving light intensity is not enough: the LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, and the light of the LED street lamp is illuminated to the required lighting area, and the lighting efficiency is further improved to achieve the energy saving purpose. Energy saving is the energy saved by the same average illumination, and the average illuminance cannot be just the average illumination of the ground. The light intensity of the space has a good early warning for vehicles coming in the distance to prevent traffic accidents. But at present the LED street lamps installed in the country are all sacrifice illumination to achieve energy saving.

Penetration ability: rainy day, foggy, LED light is not strong in fog.

Heat dissipation problem: street lamp used in outdoor, to do waterproof and dustproof, so lamps and lanterns must seal, seal the lamps and lanterns of the temperature of the water vapor in more than 100 degrees, extreme weather conditions LED to work in such a high temperature environment, LED street lamp if don't do a good heat dissipation, lamps and lanterns is very easy to bad or droop. At present, the heat dissipation problem of the domestic high power LED street lamp is still not completely solved, and the cost of product follow-up maintenance will inevitably increase.

According to the above introduction, LED manufacturers encountered some problems you understand? Do you have any problems? If you have relevant questions, we can consult with you, we will answer each one for you, thank you for your support to this website, wish you a happy life!