What Kind Of Street Lamp Parameter Is High Quality?

- Mar 31, 2018-

Street lamp light pole (1) material: street lamp light pole requires the use of high-quality steel Q235, straightness error less than 0.05% of wall thickness 4 mm or more, a bending forming, inside and outside surface of the hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, after sand plastic-sprayed surface. The flange thickness is not less than 20mm. Tube inside copper core 2.5mm2. Flange reserved holes should be matched with the basic embedded iron parts. The 6m lamp type is 121 rod 300mm*300mm, 31 rod 200mm*200mm; 3.5m lamp type is 200mm*200mm. (2) the street light welding process: the entire rod body should be without any crack, leakage welding and connected pores, bite edge, such as weld smooth level off, without bump ups and downs, no welding defects, such as purchasing people need the weld inspection reports should be provided. (3) street lamp door a. the electric door adopts plasma cutting. B. The electric door and the rod rest form one, the seam is smooth, the gap is not more than 1mm, with good waterproof performance. C. There is a special fastening system with good anti-theft performance, and the fixed bolts are opened with non-universal special despotic tools. (4) adopt hot galvanizing technology inside and outside surface of hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, the thickness of 80 or more, um, accord with GB/T13912-92 standard, design not low service life of 30 years, the galvanized surface should be smooth and beautiful, color is consistent, hammer test after peeling, flaking. If the purchaser needs to provide galvanizing test report. (5) the street lamp spraying process should adopt high-quality outdoor pure polyester powder, and the color is white and gray. The plastic layer has stable quality, no fading, no falling off, strong adhesion, strong uv resistance, and the design service life is not less than 30 years, the thickness is greater than 80um, and the indexes meet the standard requirements of astmd3359-83. If the purchaser needs to provide the spray test report. Spray protection requirements: the film thickness is not less than 40um, with strong adhesion, and the blade scratches (15*6mm square) are not peeling or falling off. The surface is smooth and smooth, and the color is basically the same. (6) all fixed bolts, nuts and other use of stainless steel material (except for anchor bolts and nuts). (7) the inner cable conduit should be unimpeded and easy to thread, without the edge, edge and teeth of the edge, and avoid damage to the cable. (8) the bidder shall perform strength checking of the structure diagram of the lamp, and the intensity of the lamp shall meet the requirements of the use condition. The anti - wind strength of the lamp is anti - 11. 2. Lamps shall meet the requirements of lightning protection and grounding. 3. The amount of electric appliances shall ensure the rated number, plus 2% of the warranty number, and the lamp holder shall add 2% protection number. 4. The lamp holder shall be designed to be connected with the wire, and the electric door shall be connected with anti-theft to achieve the anti-rain effect. Appearance color: according to the buyer's specified color. The technical standards of component design and manufacturing (construction) shall be in accordance with national standards. The supplier shall pay attention to the basic conditions and working conditions of the areas used by the following equipment. (1) the street light natural conditions (2) the street lamp power supply environment temperature: 15 ~ 50 degrees Celsius working voltage: 380/220 v, 50 hz environmental wind speed: 35 m/s voltage fluctuation: 10% rated voltage level of earthquake resistance: 6 level frequency fluctuations: 10% rated frequency level of corrosion resistance: June 30, the manufacturer has a good after-sales service system. The warranty period of the street lamp is one year. If there is any quality problem in the warranty period, the supplier shall unconditionally return the package for installation. 7. The winning bidder shall make the samples within the time specified by the purchaser, and the installation shall not be produced until the buyer has passed the acceptance inspection. If purchasing people found the winning supplier has no production capacity or the quality of the products do not conform to the requirements of the tender documents, the purchasing person shall have the right not to sign the contract and confiscate the bid bond, all losses shall be borne by the winning supplier. (4) the cable shall be the specification vv-3 x 6 copper core power cable, and all technical indexes and parameters shall meet the requirements of the national standard.