What Kind Of Battery Does Solar Street Lamp Use

- Feb 25, 2020-

Solar street lamp When the solar street lamp is installed with lithium battery to facilitate the installation of traditional solar street lamp, a battery pit shall be reserved to put the battery into the underground box for sealing. The installation of lithium solar street lamp is more convenient. The lithium battery can be directly installed on the bracket, using the hanging type or the built-in type. Li ion solar street lamp is easy to maintain. In the process of maintenance, the lithium-ion solar street lamp only needs to take out the battery on the electric pole or the battery board. Compared with the lithium solar street lamp produced by the lithium battery spot welder, the traditional solar street lamp needs to dig the underground battery for maintenance. The same is true for the batteries of solar LED street lamps, which are used to store electricity and provide lighting. Its types generally include lead-acid battery, nickel cadmium battery and nickel hydrogen battery. However, in the street lighting, more gel lead-acid batteries are used. It can meet the premise of night lighting, store the energy generated by solar energy during the day, and store the energy to meet the lighting needs of continuous rain night lighting. Lithium battery solar street lamp For the battery capacity, if it is too small, it can not meet the needs of night lighting. If the capacity of the battery is too large, the battery will be in a state of power failure, which will affect the service life of the battery, but also cause a certain amount of waste and increase unnecessary costs. 18650 lithium battery is not a simple whole, it needs to match solar photovoltaic panels and load power. In this way, we can make full use of its functions and provide the storage function of electric energy. For the solar street lamp, some of its components, each part is very important, so we must pay attention to it. For the battery of solar street lamp, it is the basis of lighting, so it must be selected and used correctly.