What Is The Intellectual Potential Of Street Lights?

- Mar 22, 2018-

The street lamp market is a vast market worth 200 million street lamps. About 15 million of the street lights in the city; Each year, the demand for new urban street lamps reaches 3 million. A total of 17 million street lamps were installed in 2007 (urban and rural areas and highways); The led street market was about $560 million in 2008. Development prospect: 1. Under the direction of national energy saving and emission reduction, a large number of street lamp renovation and new project launch. 2. The state has invested heavily in infrastructure construction. Street lamps in the number of new and modified and the problems of regional will be JiFaShi growth: street lamp is the important indicator of urban modernization, but the street lamp system all over the country exists behind the modernized level, safety hidden trouble, maintenance and management more difficult. Restricted the development of the city street lamp, street lamp system to be able to meet the demand of departments at all levels of modernization to improve the control lag behind The street light control, still stay in manual, electric, clock control way. Influenced by season, weather, and human factors, automation management level is low, often when the light is not bright, not go out when the destroy, easy to cause great energy waste, increased the financial burden Manipulation of the inconvenience Unable to remote modification time, turn off the lights can't according to the actual situation (weather mutations, events, festival) in time the school time and modify the drive to turn off the lights when light conditions are unknown Existing lighting management mainly adopts artificial patrol pattern, not only big workload, but also waste of manpower and material resources, financial resources. Fault according to the main report from the inspector and citizen complaints, lack of initiative, timeliness and reliability, not real-time, accurate and comprehensive monitoring the running status of the city street lamp is lack of effective fault early warning mechanism facilities stolen city street lamp cover area is large, management means backward, unable to accurately identify stolen cable DaoGe, lamp holder and cut-off, once appear, the above situation, inevitably will bring huge economic losses to the government, also affect people's normal life 2 project overview of this project is in the street lamp energy saving of pan concentration area of huainan city in anhui province, the pilot work, according to the Thai company is preparing to pan set area to do some research work: so far, pan set area has a total of 954 lamp installation of street lamps, 2067 lamp holder, lamps and lanterns of existing total power 1452.2 kw. The street lighting system has been used to drive away the darkness, which greatly facilitates the public's night travel and students' study, and has made outstanding contributions to maintaining social order and ensuring traffic safety. 2.1 key technology node controller (power line) ad-hoc network technology Thai street light management system solutions Company has its own intellectual property rights of node controller (power line) ad-hoc network technology in intelligent control, refinement and patterned way, the lights can effectively help customers realize the energy saving effect, and can be back in the short term investment. Switch control: the switch that can be refined to control any one, one way or a custom street lamp; Dimming control: control the dimming of any one, one way or a custom street lamp; Status query: check the status of street lamp, load and other data; Timing control: timing control, such as turning off the lights and adjusting the time interval; Failure alarm: when the street lamp fails, the alarm signal is displayed to the monitoring center. Remote display: remote display street lamp system structure and power consumption and other important information, realize the real-time monitoring in the office, to master the first-hand data 3 power saving measures and energy saving by choosing a high performance, low energy consumption and energy-saving equipment, including machinery, low-power lamps) reduce the consumption of electricity by street lamp. Management control and energy saving measures In addition to the residential area and a few have special requirements of road, in the middle of the night should select the following measures to reduce the surface brightness (illumination) : (a) with double light source of lamps and lanterns, late at night when closing a light source; (b) a device that automatically reduces the power of a light source at night; (c) in order to reduce energy consumption in the late night, it generally reduces the brightness of the road surface, and closes not more than half of the lamps, but two lamps that are adjacent to the road. (d) when someone or object (vehicle) enters the area of the light, the system slowly increases the brightness of the street lamp. When no one is in the area for a period of time, the lighting intensity is reduced. 2.3 energy saving effect analysis the energy efficiency of the design of the street lamp management system is between 20% and 30%, and the service life of street lamps is increased by 10% to 30%; In the actual use process, the operation data of the site is basically consistent with the design value of the theory. Zhenjiang new area of jiangsu province Zhao Sheng road intelligent street lamp in September 2011, operational data in October 4 power saving benefit analysis according to the research of content company, pan set area installed lights total power is 1452.2 kw, in accordance with each lamp working 10.5 hours a day, 0.8 yuan per kilowatt-hour, pan set area lights a month electricity consumption in 457443 KWH, electricity, 366000 yuan, have electricity in 4.39 million yuan a year. According to Thai street light management system operation of past experience, basic on the efficiency of energy saving more than 20%, according to the energy saving efficiency, a year can bring pan set the street lamp management electricity savings of $878000. 5 lamps project significance summary content tai street light management system is a modern management system, intelligent lighting, it embodies the modernization of city and intensification of management level, from the background of cloud system, intelligent lighting control, wireless data transmission terminal machine, etc of the control system can make management personnel in the central control room to the city's various control network information be clear at a glance. Street light up the lights closed condition, the fault in all parts of the problem can be directly reflected in the central control room, can greatly improve the efficiency of the control and shorten the repair time, effectively improve the work efficiency, save manpower, material and financial resources. The street lamp management system realizes the ideal control, automatic monitoring and operation management of the city street lamps, and improves the city's brand image for the city's lighting control and management level. Implement regular control switch lamps with black and blue, in case of special circumstances remote control switch and adjusting switch time, save manpower, can also reduce the waste caused by inaccurate switch power. To be able to control the urban lighting operation, and to be able to operate in the central control room and display the fault location; Operating personnel and management personnel did not go out to understand the operation situation of all to achieve the target, the blindness of artificial query service, improve the stability of the operation, the city's lighting timely maintenance and save manpower and material resources has played a positive role, while improving the efficiency of work. Enable intelligent street light management system will greatly for pan set of street lamp breathe new life into the construction and management, strengthen the monitoring and management of street lamp anti-theft facilities at the same time, the city road lighting control energy-saving intelligent control and automatic management, energy saving and environmental protection, automation, to modernize the city all show information