What Is The Future Of Solar LED Street Light?

- Jun 29, 2020-

LED solar street lamp as a kind of light source with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, easy maintenance and other significant characteristics, in the current global energy shortage background, development is of great significance.

With the improvement of people's requirements for all aspects of life, the significance of LED street lamp development is not only its lighting characteristics, so what is the future development trend of LED solar street lamp? Next, the southern solar street lamp will discuss with you.

1) Environmental protection and energy saving

LED solar street lamp is a kind of lighting appliance which is made of light emitting diode as light source. It is a kind of cold light source. In the process of lighting, it will not produce carbon dioxide and other substances that pollute the environment like the high sodium lamp in the past.

Moreover, LED lamps are DC driven, without stroboscopic, infrared or ultraviolet components, and will not produce any radiation pollution, which can effectively protect the environment.

In addition, LED light source can directly convert electricity into light, and most of the light can also directly irradiate the designated area. The utilization rate of light source can reach about 90%. Unlike other light sources, there is still a certain start-up time problem.

Comparatively speaking, LED light source has less energy loss and higher energy-saving efficiency in the working process. Compared with the traditional high sodium lamp, the energy-saving efficiency of LED light source is higher than that of traditional high sodium lamp.

The development and popularization of LED solar street lamp is bound to achieve a large range of energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve the goal of green lighting, indoor and outdoor.

2) Aesthetics

People's living standards are improving, and the requirements for many things are not only the most basic functions, such as solar street lamp, which brings lighting at night, but also requires its beauty.

In fact, there are many solar street lamps that are artistic, such as Zhonghua lamp, antique lamp, etc. they have made great efforts in modeling, bringing light, enriching space and bringing better visual effect.