What Is The Basic Knowledge Of Street Lamp

- Mar 22, 2018-

1. The classification of lamp posts: steel (iron), glass, cement, stainless steel 2, iron lamp pole advantages and disadvantages: advantages: strong strength disadvantages: easy to rust; Heavy transportation costs; Limited recycling value; Insert installation method is not available; The advantages and disadvantages of the surface treatment of monotone 3 and cement lamp rods: advantages: the plug-in installation method can be adopted; Good strength, do not need to spray defects: heavy, transport expensive; No recycling value; Installation equipment expensive and difficult, dangerous 4, aluminum alloy lamp pole advantages and disadvantages: advantages: good corrosion resistance, no maintenance; Light weight, good transportation; Surface treatment; Longer than other lamp posts; 100% recycling, energy saving and emission reduction; Can use plug-in installation faults: relative core hardness is low, but can be by post-processing to strengthen hardness 5, light pole process: the blanking - bending - welding to repair grinding - plastic - neck, loading plate and welding plate to open the door, door - appliances, welding the bottom of the lock to bending fork to galvanized, plastic spraying, total test 6 light pole height, classification: in high lamp, pole lamp, road lights, garden lights, lawn lamp light pole material classification: hot galvanized iron road bar, steel and stainless steel rod road lamp pole shape classification: lights, antique lamp, landscape lamp, street lamp single arms According to the power supply way classification: mains street light and solar street lamps, scenery complementary street lamps Classified by the light source: sodium lamp, LED lamp, energy-saving lamps

7. Lamp, high pressure sodium lamp wattage corresponding to lamp pole high LED street lamp high pressure sodium lamp pole height 36w 100w 5-6 m 60w 150w 6-8 m 120w 250w 8-10 m 180w 400w 11-13 m.

8. The number of the yard lamp is corresponding to the height of the lamp pole.

3 m 6 w

3.2 m 8 w

3.5 m 10 w

4 m 12 w