What Are The Main Components Of LED Street Lamps?

- Apr 20, 2018-

LED street lights are common, but do you know what the main components are? Today I will analyze the relevant knowledge points for you.

Active components

Constant current driver IC: this is the core element of constant current power supply, using the principle of PWM (pulse width control) to the power supply square wave, and then according to the information management of power supply coming signal source of duty cycle, so as to maintain a constant output current.

Passive components

(1) diode: stable diode and schott diode are commonly used in power management system. Many small power components work at low voltages, or in systems that require a reference voltage, and a voltage regulator is used. In the switching power supply, the low Vf value of the schottky diode rectifier is often used to improve the working efficiency.

(2) rectifying bridge stack: the power source of the street lamp is mainly alternating current, while the electronic components are basically working in the direct current, so the input power should be commuted first.

(3) inductance: the coil and transformer are one of the main characters of the switching power supply components, and the function is to bear the load or change pressure, isolation, filtering and so on.

(4) electrolytic capacitor: this energy storage element is necessary in the switching power supply. However, due to its structural problems, the service life has certain limitations, which is the fatal flaw of the LED's long life. Current research has replaced capacitors with other materials, but not yet.

(5) auxiliary components: all kinds of resistors, capacitors and protective components will be used.

Other artifacts

(1) line substrates: usually single-sided or double-sided rigid substrate for fixing chips and heat dissipation; The copper foil should be thick to carry large current. At present, LED street lamps commonly used aluminum substrate.

(2) terminals and connectors: the LED street lamp power supply has a single set of output, and the output of the power input is usually connected with a variety of terminals and connectors.

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