What Are The Important Points In The Fog?

- Apr 14, 2018-

Nowadays, the haze weather is more and more, we should pay attention to it when driving. What should we pay attention to in this foggy weather?

1. When driving, keep a safe distance from the front car, reduce the speed of the car. If the deceleration should be slow, slow down the throttle, and keep on the braking to prevent collision, scratch and rear-end collision. Intermittent wipers can be used to clean the glass of the windscreen with small droplets of fog, so as to improve the sight.

2, when visibility is less than 50 meters, open fog lamps, low beam lights, clearance light, and light and danger alarm flashlight, speed should not exceed 20 km per hour, and as soon as possible from the recent export from the highway.

3. In case of fog, you should turn on the fog lamp, the indicator lamp, the danger alarm flash or the near light, do not use the high beam, keep the safe distance, and do not overtake. Strictly follow the right-of-way principle, and maintain adequate safe distance between vehicles and pedestrians.

Hope through our introduction, can help you in the fog weather driving. If you want to know more about it, you are welcome to visit our website, we will update more knowledge.