What Are The Categories Of Street Lamps?

- Apr 14, 2018-

Although street lamps we see everyday, but in the street lamps we use, do you know the different classification? What are the categories of street lamps today?

1. If the light source is divided into: sodium lamp street lamp, LED street lamp, energy-saving street lamp and new type of xenon lamp.

2. If the model is divided into: middle Chinese lamp, antique lamp, landscape lamp, single arm street lamp, arms street lamp.

3. If the power supply mode is divided according to the power supply mode, the lighting technology is applicable to street lamps, which are connected with solar street lamps and solar street lamps and street lamps.

4. If the lamp posts are made of hot galvanized iron lamps, then steel street lamps and stainless steel lamps.

5. If the height of the street lamp is divided: high bar street lamp, middle pole lamp, street lamp, yard lamp, lawn lamp.

The purpose of this is to design a high efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp with low power consumption and high power factor.

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