What Are The Basic Characteristics Of LED Power Driver?

- Sep 05, 2020-

It has to be said that most people and even related users do not have a deep understanding of such LED power driver, and it is easy to make mistakes in the process of purchase and operation. 

Let's have a brief understanding of the basic characteristics of LED power driver?

First, the high reliability of LED power driver. In short, many LED street lamps are installed in high places, which hinders the maintenance and cleaning. 

It is not only expensive, but also inconvenient to operate. Therefore, the reliable performance of LED power driver is very important.

Second, high efficiency is also a major feature of this kind of device, because LED is a high-tech energy-saving product, so the efficiency of the power driver must be high, so as to make the power consumption less, and then the heat output in the lamps and lanterns will be lower, making the service life of LED longer.

Third, high power factor can be said to be a basic feature, because power is the basic requirement of the power grid for the load. 

Generally speaking, there is no mandatory index requirement for electrical appliances below 70 watts.

Fourth, the driving mode of LED power driver is also a major feature. Now different models have different driving modes, mainly divided into two different ways. 

The first one is a constant voltage source to provide power for multiple constant current sources. The second way is to operate LEDs in series or in parallel, that is, direct constant current power supply method.

Fifthly, diversified protection function is one of the biggest characteristics of this kind of driver. 

In short, the power supply can not only protect the basic function, but also prevent the LED temperature from being too high, so that it can better meet the relevant provisions of electromagnetic compatibility.

The above are the basic features of LED power driver, which can be used in many places. With the advent of the 21st century, environmental protection and energy saving has become the life concept of various cities. 

The existence of LED power driver not only caters to the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, but also brings stable and safe operation for you.