What Are The Advantages Of Going Into The Street Lights We Live In?

- Mar 31, 2018-

Outdoor lighting gradually came into our life, and now our life is also dependent on outdoor lighting.

Lamps and lanterns is light source, power supply, lamps and other accessories such as assembly combination of lighting appliances, it is used to control the light source, light exposure, at the same time can rise to protect the light source, improve the efficiency of lighting lighting tools.

The lamps and lanterns are mainly composed of lamp housing, light source cavity and electric room. The working conditions of the light source are guaranteed because of its sufficient shell space and the heat dissipation of the sealing installation of activated carbon and foam silicone rubber. The protection level of the light source cavity is IP65, and the protection level of the electrical room is IP45.

Conventional street lamp lighting just make sure the protective conditions, can make any shape, routine road lighting design in our country, is showing observation during the day, night view of the lamp.

And semiconductor LED street light, the light source of long life uniqueness, has the advantages of reasonable light distribution, the variability of color temperature, and the advantage of high color rendering index, low voltage, electric current source power supply has the trend of the development of high efficiency and energy saving.