Unfavorable Factors Affecting The Development Of LED Industry

- Mar 06, 2018-

(1) The industry concentration degree low domestic LED lighting apparatus industry concentration degree is low, the market competition is extremely intense. In recent years, many traditional lighting manufacturers have transformed into LED lighting market, the market competition is close to white-hot. According to statistics, the current number of domestic lighting enterprises have exceeded 20,000, the market low price competition phenomenon is very serious. The future LED industry through the merger and reorganization of the advantages of resource integration will become a trend, some weak competitiveness of small enterprises will be eliminated.

(2) lack of uniform industry standards and testing system at present, the domestic for LED lighting products lack of corresponding industry standards, the product specifications, quality testing and certification unified. At the same time, product testing equipment and detection methods can not adapt to the rapid development of industry needs, detection system construction is imminent. LED lighting products on the market are different specifications, not convenient for consumers to choose comparisons, is not conducive to the long-term development of LED industry.