Uncover The Mysterious Veil Of LED Industrial Lighting

- Feb 27, 2018-

The industrial lighting, many people feel unfamiliar, or as the name suggests, industrial lighting, with the spread of LED chips, LED industrial lighting concept is very noisy dust.

In fact, compared to home and commercial lighting, industrial lighting seems to be a relatively small and low-key part of the entire lighting family; Industrial lighting is a comparatively unpopular word compared to plant factories, car lighting, infrared ultraviolet LEDs, optical communications and other high-frequency words in media reports, However, with the increasing demand for led replacement and the support of government subsidy, the industrial lighting market is growing fast.

According to the survey results of the relevant market research institutions, 2016 of the global led industrial lighting market size of 2.932 billion U.S. dollars, and will be more than 16% per year growth rate, is expected to reach 3.935 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, the market size of 2020 will reach 5.204 billion U.S. dollars. And China's industrial electricity consumption has accounted for more than 70% of the whole society, industrial energy-saving demand is strong, huge market space also makes China's LED industrial lighting penetration rate is expected to accelerate further. According to forecasts, in 2015, LED products accounted for only 6% of the entire industrial lighting products, estimated in 2035, led market penetration will reach 86%.

Although the market is promising, industrial lighting is still considered to be the last lighting area to be conquered by LED. At present, led in the industrial lighting applications mainly for small and medium power lighting, while in high-power lighting applications, metal halide lamp relative to high-power LED light source ratio relatively high, LED lighting is still temporarily unable to take advantage of the overwhelming substitution.