Twelve Points Of LED Lighting Opportunity

- May 07, 2019-

Today, I suddenly found out that LED is really not a "thing", not just a "legend", but a myth. Whoever relies on it to

"eat", this "rice" is unpalatable. Because of eating, eating up, there is still a meal. And do LED lights? It may not

be! Because the LED lights, really youth is not old! After the fun: Fu as the East China Sea, life than LED, can

also laugh.

In this situation, our concept needs to change:

First, don't deify LED, it is a daily consumer product. Then it should have a shelf life! Why should it be extended

indefinitely, for five years, is it necessary for ten years? Why is the United States the most domineering market

power? One of the reasons is that safety regulations have a shelf life, such as Christmas. The lamp is nine

months in the United States. It is no wonder that manufacturers who make Christmas lights will be on fire every


Second, don't exaggerate, isn't it a lighting product? Why do you have to make sure it is 30,000 or 50,000 hours?

If it is really "only use one lamp in a lifetime", then it is sad. An energy-saving company told me that the previous

contract management period (five years) is over, and the LED light is not dead. How do you sign the next one? I

said: Add the dimming, use LUTRON products, both simple and good. Use, wired and wireless optional, how to

come with convenience. That is to save the lighting, but also save air conditioning, why not.

Third, not ordinary thinking, can reverse design? What is the price of LED chips today? Professor Xiao of Taiwan

said that it is the price of cabbage, I am still anxious with him. Now? Not to mention the price of cabbage, even the

napkin on the table is not as good. In addition, the former is gone, the latter is gone, but the LED? No matter what

you are? It is always there, and it will always be on. A few days ago, I went to visit a company. The boss joked:

Who can invent a lamp for only two years, and then it will be extinguished. There is no flashing, no attenuation,

how good it is!

"The play is full, but the reality is the backbone." I have to go back and look at it seriously: If the market is sinking,

where is your countermeasure? Change the word: Where is your chance? Yes, let me talk about it, so I listed it

and I have the following twelve:

When you look at the needs of people, you can drive beautiful lights from a good life. The basic appeal of lighting,

Edison did it more than 130 years ago, and the lighting of the new era is not a single light. The point is in place,

the light is comfortable, and the warmth of the photo may be the biggest demand.

Second, look at urban development, and promote park lighting by park cities. Earlier, the Shanghai Municipal

Government had a request: seeing green space within 500 meters. So far, this "standard" has fallen behind. It is

no wonder that there are singers and dances everywhere, as well as small bridges, because "our country is full of

gardens." No wonder the flower-shaped lights are selling well and selling expensively? Because it is cultural and

has stories.

Third, look at the landscape lighting, from the plane to the stereoscopic 3D panoramic. The single building is

bright and has become a past tense. On both sides of the Yangtze River and on the four banks of the Three

Rivers, the scale is getting bigger and bigger, and the level is getting higher and higher. When it is promoted to the

word "nightscape economy", the stage lighting is outdoor, and the indoor projection is square, as long as it can be

icing on the cake and pleasing to the eye, "there is no need for it." The bolder innovations that are even more

"inconceivable" are a pioneering work, called "mountain lighting." Originally going to Hong Kong must see the

lighting on both sides of the Xiangjiang River. It feels quite spectacular and eye-catching. If you can keep the

Taiping Mountain bright with the times, it may be the ultimate shock. The mountains and rivers of the motherland

are all over 9.6 million square kilometers. If it is made, how wonderful it is!

Fourth, look at the smart city, driven by smart light poles. China's LED lighting was first promoted from the "Ten

Cities and Ten Thousand Cities". After more than ten years, the promotion effect is very small. There are

institutional statistics, saying that there is a 30% share. I don't believe it. If you look down at the plane at night, it is

still a strip of yellow light (except Guangdong). The world is really wonderful. This time, the wisdom city has risen,

and it has ignited the wisdom light pole. There must be a light on the pole. Does the LED light go up the line? It is

obviously a street light. It should be the main character of the lighting person. The word has become a cross

border thing, and if the lighting manufacturer can supply the goods, they are very lucky. I thought this was a feast.

It is said that there are 250,000 (lights) in Shenzhen, and we want to invest 50 billion. It is no wonder that

manufacturers who do landscape lighting are also accelerating the addition. Once in a hundred years, the trillion

sized super giant cake!

Looking at green buildings, we have moved from changing lights to dimming. The Ping An Building in Shenzhen

was awarded the LEED Gold certification by a five-member audit of the international organization. A single

illumination is no longer suitable for modern lighting needs. Lighting + is not transferred by human will. China's

architectural buildings are more avant-garde to super high-rise and high-end office buildings. This is related to

domestic and foreign architecture (lighting) masters who will take the lead in using intelligent systems for control

and dimming. More advanced will enhance the concept of "all-round lighting", fully blending natural light with

artificial light. Generally, the high-rise and mid-rise office buildings are bright. How to let employees in comfortable

lighting, because of the need to use light, happy and efficient work, for us, still relatively strange or just started,

this is another blue sea! How to learn to do the system, do the tune Light, do control? This is a new challenge!

Six look at smart homes, due to the strong penetration of Internet companies, the concept of "all-room lighting"

came into being. “The rich man” has been deeply immersed, and the ultra-quiet and intelligent linkage of lighting

and curtains has been a measure of the taste of designers and owners. The so-called "high-end decoration,

outdated lighting" will become a laughing stock. Especially many words are luxurious decoration, a row of curtains

are hand-drawn ropes, it is still a large brake landscape. With the improvement of people's aesthetics, the switch

on the wall is no longer open and close, but needs a knob type and a push rod type. Some will need it, "the

gentleman does not move and does not move", and the intelligent lighting lights up as needed. This dream, Lutron

will help you accurately present.

Seven look at agricultural lighting, factory-based plant lighting has always been respected. The demand for

special plants in North America is relatively large, and the demand is triggered by the loosening of foreign laws.

Hong Guang of China Optical Network has always been keen on this matter, and has spared no effort to carry out

all-round docking. Many domestic LED companies are also eager to try. As a hobby of primary and secondary

school students, it is indeed feasible to do some related plant table lamps and plant boxes. Or in the snowy

mountains, let people who live and work at high altitudes not only look green when they are green, but also use

green areas for a large area. It takes time, and there are thousands of reasons for not being able to plant

grounding gas in greenhouses. Cost is the last word!

Eight look at industrial lighting, high bay lights, T8 lamps and other lighting applications are hard demand. There

are no lights in the factory, and LED lights are used in lamps. It is widely known. The standardized mining lamp

seems to be still in its infancy. The lighting specification of the automobile factory led by the Jilin Province Lighting

Society should be a good attempt. If you go one step further and add intelligent control, it may effectively increase

the output and quality.

Nine look at educational lighting, classroom lighting is crucial. I remember that Professor Fudan Lin first proposed

to the Municipal Education Commission and also set up a project. I always feel that it has not attracted the

attention of the whole society. It seems that education is not short of money, but there is no money for "lighting

with good light." Lida letter from Xiamen did a good job. For several years, it has been a bright future for the

school. To extend to the teacher's office, it is also necessary to use suitable lighting! The teacher is happy, the

students are not happy? Just say the table lamp on the table, what eye protection? Vision is healthy? It is not

right, there is no conclusion yet. . This may be the "shame" of the lighting industry. After studying the lights of the

year, I can't understand the lights in the district. I still talk about "human lighting". I am really embarrassed! No

wonder: the glasses city is full of sights. Yes, business is booming!

Ten look at professional lighting, the market requirements of the segmentation field is still relatively high. Non

general enterprises can't enter the door. It takes time to accumulate and continue to work on the spot. There are

marine kings in the south and Huarong in the north, all of which have become listed companies. Special lighting,

the sky is still in the sea. Off-grid lighting is suitable for all kinds of "wild" occasions. The long-distance Kang

Mingsheng is just the right way to bring the "small commodities, big market" to the fullest. Not only in the first- and

second-tier cities, the third- and fourth-tier cities are still within reach, and it is commendable!

Eleven to see the health lighting, there are hospital waiting rooms, wards, and more doctors' medical environment.

This point is often overlooked. Just as Professor Ji Hao studied, if the hospital's lighting is done, the doctor-patient

dispute will be reduced... In addition, the light has a "pigment light" effect on human skin diseases, depression,

and herpes zoster. Under the leadership of Mr. Jiang, Nanchang Golden Light Company has recently developed

the international leading achievement, “Silicon-based Golden Light” is used in the bedroom, does not inhibit

melatonin, and helps people sleep.

Twelve to see the international market, from the Belt and Road countries along the border to the non-state, North

American market. On the one hand, you can do a good job, and you can open up the market separately. Mu

Linsen and Lang Dewans worked hard to open up the international market and achieved results on both sides.

The device has penetrated into India and has become a favorite brand in the local area. Light source lamps are

used in more than 100 countries and are very popular among the global citizens. This year is expected to be the

second in the world. In particular, the US plan that I want to point out has "two trillion dollars" and is engaged in

basic construction. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Is this another excellent opportunity for lighting?

The above twelve observations are only for sitting in the sky and seeing the sky. I remember the sculptor Rodin

once said: The world is not lacking in beauty, just lacking discovery. Tang eleven said that the world does not lack

opportunities, just to see. What is it to see? Ma Yun said: I believe, I will see it! Okay, believe it!