To: Rising Prices, Those Who Still Adhere To The First Line Of LED Street Lamp Manufacturers

- Jun 30, 2018-

Prices are rising everywhere, but the market is very thin. How to use the lamp to make the lights, the business of a big company yesterday told me that the shipment was 2/3 of the normal shipment last month, which indicates that the market demand is weak! I think the industry benchmark LED street lamp manufacturers are still the same, other enterprises can go to where?

From one indicator, we can see the status of the whole industry. The demand for the terminal has not expanded, but the raw materials are all rising, only one has not risen, the rent of the factory has not risen. It shows that the real situation of the industry is closest to the first line. The staff rental housing near the three Shasha Mau Hui Industrial Zone, the rent not only did not increase, but a substantial decline, the same room and one hall, from the beginning of 650 yuan / month, down to 600, then to 550, now 500/ months, the rental rate is less than 80%.

However, the six months' earnings of major and listed companies are very beautiful. Iron and steel, coal and non-ferrous metals can double the price on the premise of production capacity, and the company's profits have increased by dozens or even hundreds. Why? Why is this??