The Paper Expounds The Bending Technology In The Process Of Lamp Post Processing.

- May 06, 2018-

For street lamp lighting technology mentioned in the previous article, from next makings, bending, welding, grinding process, and so on, at the end of the street lamp light pole shape, will do later in the article, in the article, mainly the bending process of street lamp lighting were introduced detailed.

Street lamp lighting manufacturers are now themselves to the factory for processing after purchasing the steel pipe bending, thereby saving costs, because the steel price is very low, and can according to the production of street lamp light pole they want bending into camber, you need manufacturer you just need to purchase a steel pipe bending machine. After cutting, the steel tube of lamppost should be bent.

Factory on steel pipe bending processing, according to the customer request according to the street lamp lighting designers design drawings for machining operation, and as a master the operation of the steel pipe bending machine, to know to bend the steel tube diameter, wall thickness, steel pipe weld process, etc. Why do we need to know these data, because it is related to the radius of the bending of the lamp pole and the processing technology of the bending machine. If the bending is too small may be a street lamp light pole steel pipe surface drape, so make sure the smallest bending radius of steel tube, because now bending machine is operating by the street lamp lighting factory, so if the need to rely on experience to determine the bending radius, Suggestions can dial telephone purchase bending machine manufacturers, technical consultation, this problem would be easy to solve.

In operation the pipe bender, of course, in addition to the above data of steel tube, you also need to grasp characteristics of making an extension of the street lamp light pole material, pipe bender and the accuracy of pipe bending fixture/crease resistant plate, these are all pay attention to, after all, we do not 90 degree bend steel tube, but have certain amplitude in beautiful street lamp light pole. For pipe bender, many manufacturers now use multi-function pipe bender. The light tube can be bent into any radian, and can be formed by cold bending without heating or filling process. Why the pipe bender is multi-functional, because can bend square tube and round tube, this is to street lamp manufacturer to carry out the production of special-shaped lamp also is useful. And the performance is also very superior, the arc is smooth, clear, the deformation is small, this is very important to ensure the appearance of the lamppost surface of the lamppost that produces.

In the street light pole material of steel pipe bending processing process, several attention points: 1, the street light pole diameter must be with the bending die groove joint, otherwise light pole steel tube surface is easy to produce flat concave phenomenon; 2. When bending the lamp pole, the position should be positive, and the position of the two supporting wheels should be symmetrical to ensure the smooth forming of the lamp pole in the groove. The friends who know about street lamp posts know that only the light pole steel tube can make the next lamp post after bending the drawing to a certain Angle. Now bending machine is CNC bending machine, but it is still need to pay attention to safety, in the street light pole, in the production of bending machine is not permitted in the back of the presence or stay, not allowed to stand. The lamp pole steel tube should be compacted compactly when bending, in case it warped and hurt.

I hope this article has a further understanding of the processing technology of lampposts, and can learn more about the lampposts.