The LED Street Lamp Factory Is Undergoing Intense Change

- Jul 21, 2018-

Under the impact and challenge of new technology, new model and new thinking, countless LED street lamps are puzzled and painful. When the LED market is becoming prosperous, the voice of the LED street lamp is more and more popular. The lighting market is undergoing intense changes, and many LED street lamp manufacturers have lost their way.

From the upper reaches of the raw material price rises, the industrial chain should be a layer of transmission, because the entire industrial chain must guarantee a certain profit, otherwise the LED street lamp manufacturers can not do it. At the same time, LED street lamp manufacturers should further reduce costs through technological innovation to ensure quality and after sales. The price question involves three levels. First, the relationship between supply and demand has changed, and the two is the change of market segmentation. The third is the price of raw materials. The gross profit margins of each LED street lamp manufacturer and each market segment are different.

So LED street light manufacturers can only rely on integration, supply side reform, this is the scheme, LED street lamp manufacturers need to know the trend of the industry in a timely way, to be able to achieve long-term development in the future. For the future development of LED lighting market and the existing competitive pressure, many LED street lamp manufacturers choose and merge for resource integration.

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