The Importance Of Moving Lights To Real Life

- Mar 06, 2018-

At ordinary times, we may not use a lot of mobile lights, so we do not know much about it. In short, mobile lighting is a large, high-power lighting, mainly used for outdoor emergency repair accidents.

Mobile lighting car is divided into: portable lifting mobile lighting, omni-directional large-scale mobile lighting vehicle, omni-directional remote control automatic lifting work lights, omni-directional trailer lighting lighthouse.

Features of mobile lights:

1. High efficiency and energy saving, the illumination range of mobile illumination is omni-directional, the height and distance are all available.

2. Can rise and fall, meet special terrain, can enable lifting system, up to 4.5 meters, covering a range of 55 meters.

3. Easy to operate, direct remote control using switch lights source switch.