The Experience Of LED Street Lamp Manufacturer And Soho Cooperation

- Apr 14, 2018-

As the LED street lighting manufacturer, we will receive some orders from soho, although it is only a small part of the factory's own order, but it is also a different way of sales. In cooperation with them, we are also very happy, below is some experience.

Please tell us the largest order we have received from us before, which is COB LED street lamp, city road,100W,8-12 meter light pole. The soho that we cooperate with, have no office, the customer is foreign, cooperation two years, a year come out several ark, the biggest characteristic payment is in time, profit still can. For such soho, the biggest worry is that I am not a factory. I am afraid that the customer would like to ship the goods from the factory. When the customer comes to see the factory, we can earn a hundred thousand dollars a year.

Such soho is generally a factory for foreign customers, so when customers come to visit, they have to find a cooperative factory to deal with it. Our foreign trade list is not a lot, but soho has such a requirement, we are all to cooperate, should not say. There were soho clients who came to the field twice before. The first time, they were closely followed, and the second time was very trusting. If not, be your own salesman, with him to receive customers. Soho generally wants to say hello to us in advance, we will arrange people to communicate with him before doing things, because the factory soho is not familiar and needs to be accompanied. It is recommended that the manufacturer should not dig the wall.

Soho and the factory have advantages. Not all customers are only focus on the price point, if there are some customers need to purchase a variety of LED products, if you don't complete supply or less species is compared with other home, can not choose you. In cooperation with soho, we should also pay attention to some problems. Soho is connected with foreign orders, whether in southeast Asia or Europe and the United States, LED street lamp manufacturers should have their own strict requirements. Generally soho has a trial order, the amount is relatively small. As long as the factory agrees to accept the order, the quality must be guaranteed. There will be big orders after the trial order, which is different from the domestic one. In the delivery time and communication, we should strive to achieve the highest level of trust. If there is a problem, we should resolve it in good faith. In this way, there will be hundreds of thousands of product orders, and we will trust the factory to do the work again. We won't worry that the deposit will not be delivered after payment, and the goods will be different from the sample quality.

As the LED street lamp manufacturers, also want to stand in the Angle of the foreign trade soho more to think about problem, can do themselves out, comprehensive quality are relatively high, travel abroad, geography, history, knowledge, such as national policy, now most of the factory

Foreign trade salesman. Soho is sometimes under the pressure of its own, many soho USES their own money to pay the factory, and after waiting for foreign customers to receive the goods, repayments. Factories and soho have their jobs.