The Era Of The New Era

- Apr 02, 2019-


In the environment of sluggish domestic real estate and financial de-leveraging, the conflict of international trade protectionism has intensified, and Sino-US trade frictions have caused the lighting industry to face the dual challenge of falling domestic demand and increasing export pressure. On the other hand, the promotion of smart cities and 5G commercial pace has led to the recovery of smart street lamps, and promoted the development of related links in the industrial chain. Lighting products have also begun to integrate into the smart furniture ecosystem. The LED industry has also ushered in a new round of development in the pain. opportunity.

The economic winter can best reflect the ability of a company to 'anti-freeze'. The significance of sticking to the trend under the trend is not to win, but to retain the passion for the industry. In an increasingly unstable and increasingly anxious environment, is it attacking, defending or both offensive and defensive?

Lighting offensive and defensive

As Liu Daping, co-founder and president of Qingdao Yilianke Information Technology Co., Ltd. said: My personal understanding is that “the company is very good at keeping things.” The industry has its own characteristics. If you jump out too far, you can easily lose the main channel, but we can’t stick to the rules and need to jump out. When the industry goes to see the world, it may be able to get something beyond the industry itself.

The real offense is based on the defensive, to overcome the difficulties of technology, expand new application areas, and open up new application markets. Technological breakthroughs bring about the development of products, market expansion can increase the bargaining chip, and the change of business thinking can lead to a broader world, and it is the best policy.

If the attack is a reflection and exploration of the future of lighting, the code is a magic weapon for lighting companies to live in the present. Then, what are we observing? The main business is the quality of the product, and it is the initial heart of the light. Regardless of how the lighting industry develops in the future, lighting is always a basic function. Sticking to the main business and adhering to product quality is the bottom line for a lighting company.

Quality first, technology escort, improve product technology, improve user experience, give lamps more rich connotation, turn light into a life attitude and taste, and then explore more possibilities of lighting. Hold the moment and accumulate enough power to have the opportunity to meet the future.

Offensive and defensive

In the face of the industry's cold winter, competition is intensifying, and at the same time on the eve of a new round of development opportunities, as the wind vane of the development direction of the lighting industry, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) in 2019 went deep into the industry to explore how enterprises can attack and defend in innovation. Look for the way to balance, to achieve a good offensive and defensive, advancing and retreating.

The ever-changing technology promotes the continuous development of the industry. Enterprises must have the spirit of continuous development, continuous improvement and continuous breakthrough, and they can always stand in the forefront of the industry. "The attack and the defense are like reversing the water without going backwards." Foshan Guoxing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Zeng Moxiang, deputy general manager of the device division, said so.

Stick to the main business

As Zheng Xiaomei, the general manager of Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. said, “both offensive and defensive, staying at the specialty and attacking the smart city.” “Do a good job, be brave, and try new technology areas”

Huang Rongfeng, general manager of Guangzhou Yajiang Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. described his grand vision. “With the city as the background, the stage lighting art will be integrated into the urban landscape lighting, creating a big stage era belonging to Yajiang Optoelectronics.”

Stick to product quality

“High quality and high cost performance are the same laws,” said Wei Shiquan, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Tongfang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. “This is the source of survival and growth of the company, and it is a means of gaining market recognition. At the same time of product quality, only a strong offense can hold our position."

Zhang Cailan, general manager of Shengxin Technology Group Co., Ltd., believes that products are the bottom line that enterprises must adhere to. Under this premise, for the market that is not in place, the products that are lacking and the customers that want to win, we must go with an offensive attitude. capture. "Offensive! Offensive! Offensive!" Zhang Cailan said, "This is our slogan this year."

Digging deep into the professional market

Zhu Ming, Marketing Director of China's Longmings Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., said that Langmings has not been in China for a long time. We are more focused on taking offensive situations and conducting more in-depth research and analysis on general lighting and special lighting. Establish an industrial-grade system represented by projection, plant lighting, UVC ultraviolet, 3D printing and medical treatment. It matches the intelligent system in terms of power, color temperature and color point to achieve the perfect combination of human experience and visual atmosphere.

Grab the emerging field

As one of the most promising markets, the Internet of Things has become the choice of many lighting companies. The international lighting giants, led by Zhai Nuofei and Osram, have chosen to invest in smart city construction after divesting the general lighting business that lacks competitiveness and characteristics. Fighting hard.

Tian Manfang, vice chairman of Shenzhen Jiansen Technology Co., Ltd. believes that LED products are currently based on 4G research and development, and the 5G era will be a disruptive application. LED companies should look at the development of the industry with a future vision, in Micro/ In the application of Mini LED, we will make sufficient talent reserves, increase investment, and intensify innovation to attack new fields. In the second half of the year, 5G temporary licenses will be issued. In 2020, HD channels will become the mainstream TV broadcast mode. In 2022, 4K TV terminals will be fully popularized and 8K TVs will enter the market. 5G is shaping a brand-new industry chain at a foreseeable speed, fully driving LEDs. Industry demand is picking up. "There are both attack and defense, retaining and adhering to existing products, increasing investment, and intensifying innovation to attack new fields and new markets."

Capture overseas markets

Du Jianjun, chairman of Shenzhen Overclocking Technology Co., Ltd., said that while guarding the domestic market, enterprises should actively deploy overseas channels and expand their foreign bases to alleviate major environmental changes such as economic sanctions and trade wars. The impact caused.

Cross-border offensive landscape travel market

Peng Qingyang, general manager of Guangzhou Gaolang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. mentioned that the landscape lighting of Wenlv has always been based on lines or point light sources. The multi-variable stage lighting technology has not yet entered the field of landscape lighting, and high-power LEDs are also in a blank state. Gaolang will continue to increase research and development efforts, with the stage as the core, intelligently and systematically integrate lighting into landscape lighting, and rush to attack the night travel economy.