The British Company Has Introduced A Color-changing LED Filament Lamp

- Apr 08, 2019-

A British company called Well-lit recently released an innovative color-adjustable LED filament lamp. The company said its patented flexible LED filaments can smoothly transition color temperature from a soft 2800K to a warmer 2000K to mimic the performance of traditional incandescent lamps.


The LED light is mainly set for the hotel, and the new light source will allow the color temperature to be changed to achieve warmer dimming. Available in a variety of shapes, the lamp is rated at 8W and the upper limit is 400 lumens. With the E27 base, the new product has a service life of 15,000 hours and a CRI of 90.


As the first company to introduce flexible LED filament lamps to the UK market, Well-lit is committed to driving innovation and new technologies in the lighting industry. “We have been developing warm LED filaments for several years, so we are excited to bring our finished solutions to market.” At the press conference, Well-lit co-founder Chris Stimson said. “We have overcome a lot of difficulties and developed our final product.”

The bulb has been supplied to the famous food and beverage brands, including Nandos, Dishoom and Honest Burgers.


British designer Samuel Wilkinson and Well Lit previously launched the Beem brand