Technical Parameters Of LED Flood Light

- Mar 06, 2018-

For example, the following 30W floodlight:

Appearance structure: The shell aluminum alloy once molding, the surface carries on the anti-oxidation anticorrosion treatment

1. Luminous Flux: 3000-3300lm

2. Working voltage: AC 85-265v

3. Internal use constant flow module, constant current output 930mA, voltage 32V.

4. Beam: (6 meters) beam diameter of 3.3 meters

5. Illuminance: (6 meters) for LUX

6. Light Source service life: 50,000 hours

7. Circuit Service life: to guarantee more than 3 years

8. Material: Green High pressure die-casting aluminum alloy lamp shell

9. Dustproof Waterproof Grade: ip65~ip68 PU micro Breathing device

10. Efficiency >90%