Street Light Type

- Feb 27, 2018-

Street lamps are related to lighting technology and are suitable for street streetlights. The aim is to design a high efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp with long life, low power consumption, high power factor and small current harmonic content. The high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamps include sequentially connected power grid high-pressure discharge branch R1, C1, Rectifier bridge d1-d4, Power factor correction Branch C2, D5, D6, High frequency Burr filter Branch L1, L3, high-frequency oscillation circuit bg1-bg2, starting branch L2, C7 and tube t; 80% more energy saving than previous streetlights The harmonic content is thd〈25%, and the life of the lamp can reach 3-4 times.

  • According to the height of the street lamp: High pole lamp, medium pole lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp, buried lamp;

  • According to the lamp pole material points: Hot galvanized iron street lamp, hot galvanized steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp;

  • According to the lamp Light points: sodium lamp lamps, LED street lamps, energy-saving street lamps, new Somin Xenon street lamps.

  • According to the shape: Chinese lights, antique lights, landscape lights, one-arm street lights, arms street lights.

  • According to the power supply mode: City circuit lights, solar street lamps, wind-complementary street lights