according to the height of the street lamp: high pole street lamp

- Mar 31, 2018-

according to the height of the street lamp: high pole street lamp, street lamp, yard lamp;

2. According to the material of lampposts: steel lamps and stainless steel lamps;

3. Light source: sodium lamp, LED street lamp, energy-saving street lamp.

4. According to the modeling: landscape lamp, single arm street lamp, two-arm street lamp.

5. According to the mode of power supply: the lighting technology of street lamps and solar street lamps and solar street lamps is applicable to street lamps. The aim is to design a long life, low power consumption, high power.

A high efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp with low harmonic content. The high-efficiency electronic energy saving street lamp includes the sequential connected power grid high-pressure discharge branch R1, C1, rectifying bridge d1-d4, and the power factor correction branch C2.

, D5, D6, high-medium frequency burr filtering branch L1, L3, high frequency oscillation circuit bg1-bg2, starting branch L2, C7 and lamp tube T; More than 80% of the previous street lamps; Harmonic content THD < 25%, extended lamp tube.

Life expectancy can be 3 to 4 times. Solar street lamp is a kind of street lamp that USES solar energy as energy, because it has not be affected by power supply, do not need to open ditch to cover line, do not consume conventional electricity, as long as the sunshine is sufficient.

Local installation and so on, it is widely concerned by people, because it does not pollute the environment, and is called green environmental products. Solar street lights can be used for the lighting of town parks, roads and lawns.

It can be used for the small population distribution density, the traffic inconvenient economy is not developed, the lack of frequent.

It is difficult to generate electricity from conventional sources of energy, but solar energy is abundant in areas that address the problem of household lighting in these areas.

High light

1. The installation height of the luminaire shall be consistent with the installation height of the lamps in the same street (the center of luminescence to the ground level). Small curved lamp 5-6 m ordinary street long arm lamp and chandelier 6.5-7.5 meter fast lane arc type.

The lamp is not less than the 8 meter slow lane arc lamp not less than 6.5 meters.

2. The special lamp type is installed according to the design requirements, and the height of the lamp is equivalent to the width of the road that needs to be illuminated. Only when one side lighting H ≌ L in both lighting H ≌ L / 2 it during H: installation of lamps and lanterns is high

Degree (m) L: road width (m)

Elevation of lamps and lanterns


The Angle of the elevation of the lamps and lanterns is determined by the width of the street and the light distribution curve of the lamps.

2. When the lamp holder is adjustable, the center line of the light source shall fall within the range of L/3-1/2 of the road width.

3. After installation of the long arm lamp (or arm lamp), the lamp head shall lift 100 mm above the pole.

4. Special lamps shall determine the elevation Angle of lamps according to the light distribution curve.

Street lamp

1. Lamps should be firmly fixed, no looseness, skew phenomenon.

2. The lampshade shall be intact and not broken.

3. Enamel light umbrella is rusted, and the deformed person should be replaced.

4. The mirror surface of the lamp is invalid and should be replaced.

5. The lamp reflector should not be damaged or deformed during the installation process. The lampshade should be filled with a rubber ring, and it should be cleaned and bright. The lamp mouth shall be replaced when the porcelain is broken and exposed to copper.

6. Lamps and lanterns should not be bent. The fixed screws of each part should be tightened with spring liner, and no looseness is allowed.

7. There are cracks in the cast iron lamp head, which can not be used, and no rubber skin is unqualified.

8. The lamp body hoop should be suitable for the pole, and the device should not be too long.

9. The transparent cover and reflector of the lamp should be cleaned and cleaned during maintenance, and the site cannot be cleaned.

10. The buckle of the transparent cover should be complete and easy to use, so as to prevent the application of the hood from being reliable.

11. The lamps should be fully covered with dust and felt.

12. The lamp tuo and the lamp tube flange must be matched with the crack and the screw should be complete, and the bolt length should be able to penetrate the flanged flanges.

13. When a lamp is used for different standard bulbs, the lamp should be fixed to the same position as the bulb, and the best light distribution curve should be obtained.

14. All kinds of iron parts shall not be seriously corroded or cracked or cut. The rust remover should be painted or galvanized.

15. The lamp head of closed lamps shall be protected by heat-resistant insulating tube (asbestos pipe or porcelain tube).

Vertical skin line

1. The vertical line should be insulated and the copper core should be declined less than 1.37 mm, and the aluminum core declined less than 1.76 mm.

2. When the vertical wire is connected to the overhead conductor, it should be symmetrical and connected to the two sides of the pole. The connecting rod shall be 400-600 mm from the center of the rod, and the two sides should be consistent.

3. The vertical line is connected to the power side.

4. If the vertical line is more than 4 meters, the supporting material shall be fixed in the middle, and no less than 7/1.0 insulation strand shall be used, and the single cross binding method in the standard shall be issued.

5. When the main line and vertical line are different metals, the interphase binding line is used as the transition joint, which is not more than 100mm.

6. There should be black tie line in the insulation support.

7. When the power line is out of the iron pipe or the hole of the gray rod, the plastic pipe should be added, and the pipe length is declined less than 200 mm.

8. The line of vertical line can have one connector at most, and the joint has five to seven loops on each side, and the adhesive cloth can not be connected with different specifications.

9. The power line inside the iron pipe and the rod hole is declined.

10. The vertical line is refused to pass through the high voltage line.

11. The changing table pole line near the high voltage leads shall be 7/1.0 insulated wire, which shall be wound around 30~50 mm after the back buckle of the main line connection.

12. The street lamp should be tied tightly and properly, and the naked line should be replaced.

13. When the street lamp line and the receiving line are swinging at the maximum, the distance is declined less than 50 mm.

When the bow is connected to the power supply, it should be tightened with pliers.

15. The capacitor and ballast screws shall be at the maximum pressure of two lines, and the direction of the line should be clockwise and pressed.

16. The zero line of the street lamp line is forbidden to be connected with the zero line of the subscriber line, so as to prevent the power supply from the user's table when the zero line is disconnected.

17. Public toilet lighting shall be carried out according to the standard of the office.

18. The long arm lamp (the shoulder lamp) should be kept in a transition bow after the horizontal and vertical lines are tied back to the same bottle.

Flight insurance and branch insurance.

1. The lamp shall be protected by fuse and installed on the fire line.

2. Lamp with ballast and capacitor, the fuse must be installed on the outside of ballast and electric fuse.

3, 250 watts and below mercury lamp, incandescent lamp with 5 amperes fuse. The 250 watt sodium lamp can be used 7.5 amperes fuse. The 400 watt sodium lamp USES 10 amperes fuse.

4. The incandescent pendant lamp should have two insurance, 10 amperes on the rod and 5 amperes on the lamp. Black tie line 1.0M/M 1.5m.

Long arm lamp

1. Long arm lamp holding hoop must be equipped with double mother, and should be fixed firmly with electric pole, and no turning.

2, light body should be straight, the ministries will tighten the screw, feeder and the lamp body is not less than 330 ° Angle, light body and the road into a vertical.

3. After the long arm lamp is installed, the front end should be about 100M/M.

4. The long arm lamp should be flat.

5. The horizontal line of the long arm lamp is connected with the vertical line, and there should be a transition bow.

6. Ballast,

The capacitor and lamp insurance must be installed in the lamp holder.