Skill Requirements And Work Specification Of Lamppost Sprayer.

- May 06, 2018-

Site articles, small make up about some of the street lamp light pole market process and development issues, but for each link in the process of street lamp lighting market staff skills and work requirements has been done, in this article, will introduce to you some of the street lamp light pole coating staff.

To judge whether a sprayer is qualified or not, it is not necessary to see the smooth and beautiful appearance of lampposts from the surface. Instead, it is necessary to look at the plastic thickness of the lamppost and the operation standard. The spraying personnel in the spray plastic, the heat transfer mode is the coating, lamppost; When cooling, the heat transfer mode is a lamppost - coated. In the spray-painted lampposts, we have seen the natural cracks after we have dried them. This is due to the low heat dissipation of the surface coating of the lamppost, and the thermal expansion range of the coating and the spraying workpiece is very different, the stress is larger, the binding force is reduced and the brittle crack will appear. The control of the cooling stress is derived from the control of coating thickness.

For the spraying personnel of lamppost, it is necessary to control the spray powder and spraying distance, because it is too easy to accumulate according to the process requirements and shape of the sprayed workpiece. The spraying distance is related to the specification of the lamppost. The two processes are related to the work experience of the plasticizer.

What needs to be noticed by the sprayer as a lamppost manufacturer? Take jinding lighting as an example. The powder is made of powder, and the powder should be sifted in time. When spraying plastic, it can be carefully checked whether there is wear and tear on the surface of lamppost. In the process of coating, coating to ensure that other personnel don't close, prevent waste material also prevent coating failure, the season in different temperature, spraying personnel to control the viscosity of street lamp lighting spray coating, coating viscosity control is undeserved, can make the coating on the surface of the street lamp light pole is uneven, appearance is poor, could not reach the requirements of street lamp light pole purchasing customers.

After the whole work, the sprayer should clean the equipment. Use a clean cloth to block the air cap of the gun, and then pull the trigger to let the paint flow back into the paint pot. In the end, our lamppost sprayer is sure to take good care of himself, and should be able to clean out the powder and powder on the outside and on the work arm in a timely manner to finish the day's work.

Each lamppost manufacturer's spraying requirements are the same, all hope that the product can meet the requirements of customers. Every painting personnel should have a higher sense of responsibility.