Seven Kinds Of Common Solar Street Lamps

- Sep 05, 2020-

Split solar street lamp

Split solar street lamp has no specific lighting occasion, it is the most common and widely used. 

No matter how the installation environment is, it can be competent to meet any different configuration requirements. In places with long rainy days, the configuration requirements are high, the area and capacity of battery panels are larger, and the configuration requirements are lower in places with good lighting conditions, and the area and capacity of battery panels are smaller.

Split solar street lamp is divided into lithium solar street lamp, lead-acid battery solar street lamp and colloidal battery solar street lamp. 

The former battery is hung on the lamp pole or panel bracket, and the latter two batteries need to be buried. Lithium battery is superior to battery in performance, transportation and installation. Generally, lithium battery solar street lamp is preferred. 

If the budget is insufficient or the installation environment temperature is too low, the other two solar street lamps can be selected, because the battery is buried deeper and can maintain a certain temperature to ensure normal operation at low temperature.

Integrated solar street lamp

Integrated solar street lamp is relative to split type solar street lamp.

 What is integration? Light source, battery and solar panel are integrated, which includes solar panel, lithium battery, controller and light source.

 It is easy to install, simple and generous in appearance, and can start to work without complicated assembly and wiring.

The integrated solar street lamp is equipped with intelligent microwave induction system, which can adjust the light and dark according to the moving objects. 

This design not only saves the storage power, but also enhances the endurance of the street lamp, and also shows the concept of intelligent street lamp.

Scenery complementary lamps

Wind energy and solar energy are both clean energy. 

In areas with insufficient solar power generation, street lamps can use wind power to assist in their work, so wind solar complementary street lamps emerge as the times require.

Solar hoop lamp

The only difference between hoop lamp and general solar street lamp is that there is no lamp pole. 

It can be installed on poles and trees, hoop lamp is suitable for rural areas, saving electricity and environmental protection, with low cost.

solar wall light

Wall lamp is suitable for roof terrace, garden gate, courtyard, open balcony and corridor corridor.

 The wall lamp partial landscape type, the modelling is beautiful, may match according to the architectural characteristic, creates a good atmosphere space. 

Wall lamp does not occupy space, easy to install, inexpensive, ordinary people can use.

Solar Garden Light

Solar garden lamp is specially made for the courtyard, which is full of artistic characteristics. There are elegant and retro, simple and fashionable, and noble and luxurious.

 In today's diversified architectural styles, the selection of garden lamps should also pay attention to scientific collocation.

The function of solar garden lamp is not limited to providing lighting, but also can enhance the environmental beauty and space appeal. 

Therefore, it can also be used in scenic spots or special buildings.

Solar lawn light

The last solar lawn lamp. The lawn lamp is small in volume and has strong decorative function. 

It is generally used in the park path, around the courtyard, beside the swimming pool, and in the square green space.

 It perfectly displays the posture of flowers and plants at night, achieving the artistic effect of unique environment, rich levels, rich atmosphere and colorful color. The height of lawn lamp is generally no more than 1 meter.