Prospects Of Panel Light Export

- Nov 19, 2019-

According to statistics released by GGII's "2018-2019 China LED Lighting Products Monthly Monitoring Report", in the first half of 2019, China's LED panel lights, a well-documented export manufacturers and trading companies totaled about 3,200, exporting The total amount is about: $734 million, down 3% year-on-year; the export volume is about 1.577 billion, up 8% year-on-year; the average market price is down about 10% overall; among them, Top10 producers have a total export value of about $103 million. The total export value is about 13.84%.

Although the export volume continued to grow, the year-on-year amount continued to decline, indicating that the product price is on the downside. According to the overall data, the product price is about 10% down, regardless of whether you make money or not, compared to the same period last year. The price of the product can't be adjusted downwards by 10%. Even the average value can't be reached. It is very difficult for the business to do it again, and this is only in the trend, far from the end, for a long time, 5%. The annual price decline should not be able to run, go to your supply chain.

Top10 producers, with a total export value of approximately $103 million, accounted for approximately 13.84% of total exports. Top10 production companies accounted for the following total export sales data (may be asked, why is there no Kai Yao, no Debon, no Tongshida, no Rieter letter... trade and foundry are not the same, they will not be explained in detail.

We have reason to believe that among the 3,200 production and trading companies, there may be close to 3,000 SMEs sharing about 70% or more of their export share. After all, big companies are not willing to connect with small customers, and the world is a small number of small and medium-sized customers. With the panel light, this product is almost across the three circles of engineering lighting, circulation lighting and home lighting. Some of the fairy tales are somewhat enchanting and some popular. In the hall, the kitchen is changed into a kitchen and can go to bed... although this The situation will continue for a long time, but there are certain variables. If the market price is really adjusted to the point that SMEs can't afford (this is due to the advantage of supply chain advantage, production scale, advantage, channel, etc...), just like before For light tube products, SMEs may quit the category of conventional products in this category.

The value chain is not static. The compression of profits will definitely lead to the reshaping of the value chain, forcing enterprises to explore the edge value. Large enterprises have to be close to small and medium-sized customers. Enterprises have to move closer to the terminal merchants as much as possible. Users may also try to Seeking low-cost channels to buy...

The market facing the TOP10 export enterprises should be said to be very representative. The US market is a unique show. Canada and Mexico also look good. The North American three-hacker, the European market, the German law (West) chest (Hungary), the British attack ( Xi) wave, a group of big-colored ghosts, at least for panel light products, the Indian and Russian markets are not as good as expected. Generally speaking, the Australian market has been stable, and the Middle East market as a whole is not very good for this product category. Cold, Southeast Asia's base is not a historical reason, and Southeast Asian countries are not large, so it has an impact on the data, Africa is similar to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Panel lights are a large category, and the subdivisions are still available in many different specifications, including product form and performance. This data is too difficult to grasp. Some of the market appeals we can see now are hard to say. But it does not prevent us from being listed for sharing, and the benevolent sees the wise and sees wisdom.

  - Lower Price,

The annual selling price is adjusted downwards between 5% and -10%;

- Higher Performance,

Conventional products move closer to 100lm/W.

High-end 130lm/W or more;

- Side lighting and bottom backlighting for the hegemony;

- Modularity starts the market rookie;

- Intelligent,

This is actually not related to the lights,

Is the power supply and sensor package;

- Design matching for the installation channel.