Materials In Frenzy, Electroplating In Moxing, LED Street Lamp Manufacturers To Raise Prices?!

- Jun 30, 2018-

Every day, at least 1 billion 500 million chips are packaged here, flying around the world, lighting up hundreds of millions of families around the world!

In the first year of the year, the LED circle and the LED lighting industry circle of friends were swept up by the news of price rise. Subsequently, the news of raw material prices in all walks of life, such as the tide of Qian Tang, has washed the eyes of everyone in the industrial chain again and again. LED street lamp manufacturer's boss is also feeling!

In the professional processing of the plate, light guide plate, acrylic, PC board and other plates of the grand cutting door, Mr. Shaw said, since the beginning of the year, acrylic has risen at least 2000 yuan / ton, from 17000 yuan before the festival to the current more than 19000, and the first 11 pieces of more / kg of PS sheet, now also up to 12.3 - 12.5 Yuan / kilo, part of the category even up to 13 yuan.

In the main plastic border frame, lampshade of the Heng Lang acrylic door, a person in charge of Li said that all kinds of plastic raw materials are basically rising prices, compared with last year's average increase of about 4000 yuan / ton. The factory produces more than 100 tons of plastic raw materials per month, and the cost of purchasing materials has increased by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past year.

At the gate of Liye copper material, a truck was stacked with bundles of pipes, and busy workers were preparing to load and unload. A person in charge of the scene was informed that we were interviewed instead of purchasing, and it was very nervous that the price of copper was at a sensitive stage and would not be interviewed.

Fortunately, as the carton packaging material of last year's price rises, the price has slowed down after the Spring Festival this year. Jingyang packaging materials shop responsible person said, compared with the peak period of the year before the price, after the price of the carton back about 10%, but the current trend is still rising, the possibility of continuing to rise after the consolidation.

In fact, in February 14th, two days ago, the domestic leading paper enterprises nine dragon paper industry announced the Taicang nine dragon, Dongguan nine dragon production of cattle paper, corrugated paper prices up 200 yuan / tons, Fuyang white paper base many paper enterprises announced that the price of finished paper up 100-150 yuan / tons. This is already the third round price increase of base paper since February, and the trend of stopping production and price protection after big factory is obvious.

With the sharp rise of all kinds of raw materials, some downstream production and processing enterprises also had to issue notice of price rise. WeChat's friends circle is full of information that needs to be requoted before placing orders and "time to place orders".

As the price of copper, nickel, zinc, chromium and other metal materials rises, the electroplating industry, which consumes huge amounts of metal materials, has begun to rise. After the festival, an electroplating factory sent a price adjustment letter, and the unit price of electroplating increased by 20%. Jiangmen Kaiping electroplating factory issued a notice of 20% higher prices more fatal is that as the State Ministry of Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining personally led a high profile inspection tour, all over the country again ushered in more stringent environmental supervision, the plating industry, this is a fatal blow. Under the heavy blow of price increases and ring checks, part of the small scale electroplating enterprises will be reduced to shuffling objects. Even large scale electroplating enterprises will reduce production capacity and reduce emissions so as to avoid wind.

For lighting industry, surface treatment is an indispensable process. With the gradual deepening of environmental protection review, electroplating, spraying and other heavy polluting processing industries can not avoid the situation of capacity reduction. Under such circumstances, the situation of "giving money to queue up for goods" and "digging three feet to find an electroplating factory" at the end of last year will happen again.

The heat of Baidu index is rising sharply.

Although the spring has arrived, hundreds of flowers will be in full bloom, but in this wave of "spring cold" under the heavy blow, how many lighting enterprises will be, reduced to material prices and environmental review of the sword under the sword?