Market Prospect Forecast Of Street Light

- Feb 27, 2018-

51 Report online data shows that the total number of lights in China is 9186356. Urban lighting (only for functional lighting such as landscape lighting and street lamps) accounts for about 4% to 5% of China's total generating capacity, equivalent to the annual Power generation capability (85 Billion-kilowatt hours) After the construction of the Three Gorges Hydroelectric project. The street lamp will be the biggest application area, 2011 amounted to 1.5 billion dollars, is expected to reach 1.8 billion dollars in 2012. 2012, with the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction, LED street lamp acceptance degree increased greatly.

All local governments to speed up the promotion of LED street lights. Chongqing planning two years to install 50,000 led street lamps; Henan Zhengzhou plans to promote the installation of 78,000 LED street lights before 2015; Jiangsu Yangzhou plan to 2015, 100% of the secondary road lighting, residential lighting using LED lighting products, 30% of the city's main road lighting, the use of LED lighting products, LED Street lamp demand up to 50,000; Hainan Province at the end of 2012 plans to replace the province's 210,000 street lamps LED street lamps; not only domestic, 2012 many countries have begun to start energy-saving emission reduction plans, led street lighting promotion is one of the main measures of energy-saving emission reduction plan. 2012 China LED Street lamp total output will reach 1.22 million, an increase of 79%. As the most critical component of LED Street lamp, LED street lamp driving power in 2012 will also be with the rapid development of LED street lights, to have the technology, financial strength as the support of LED street lighting power Enterprises, will be an opportunity. It is predicted that 2020 years ago, led in China's lighting market share will reach 80%, China will become the world's largest LED lighting market, the market scale will be more than a trillion yuan. 2011 1-December, national lighting and lighting equipment production of 2.5 billion sets. 2012 for 2.8 billion sets, to 2016 production will reach 4 billion sets, the market demand from 2011 2 billion, expanded to 2012 2.4 billion sets, the market demand in 2016 is expected to break through 3.5 billion sets.