Light + Building LED Street Lamp Manufacturer's Lighting Innovation On ILumTech.

- May 01, 2018-

Light + Building 2016 is over, and we are returning to normal work with renewed energy and motivation. This year, the months we've worked hard have really paid off, better than ever. As LED street lamp manufacturers, we also produced our own innovation results. Kim has been participating in Light + Building for 10 years. In the past, we focused on introducing our product portfolio in an innovative environment, informing visitors about the technology and science behind our products and how best to use them. This year, we decided to adopt a different route to our highly integrated LED products series of intuitive and transparent way, with the possibility of "each lamps and lanterns so much", as well as cultivating and developing customer relationship. And it seems like a good idea, because our visitors say that the 2016 Light + Building is by far the best.

We met with many long-term clients and met with many interesting parties. We also have a good look at all the other amazing products on display around various technology fields. Light + Building 2016 has been very successful in maintaining a valuable relationship and having some fun in learning and discovery.

Nearly two decades ago, jinding lighting as a small lighting manufacturer entered the LED street lighting market. We never intended to be an ordinary company. Over the years, our product portfolio has expanded, allowing us to focus more on the development of lighting technology, not just their manufacturing.

As we delve into complex light and apply our findings to innovative products, we grow into tools for global lighting. Internal development is advanced, and we realize that our r&d department has huge untapped potential, which can really promote the development of the lighting world. To this end, we expanded our research and development business and established iLumTech, which has taken over our research and development positions, and continues to be a key factor in lighting control and technology development.

ILumTech is located in our most advanced lighting innovation center, is an international academic, design and engineering team. By obtaining the most sophisticated, accurate and powerful development techniques, they can provide lighting and non-lighting products and unparalleled quality services. This ability has been further enhanced by working with some of the best minds in several top universities, institutions and companies.

Jinding LED street lamp manufacturers now hope to provide you with the technology, expertise and skills found in iLumTech. Take a look at the iLumTech service page and see our extensions to help you achieve your business goals.

With 17,200 lm luminous flux suspension, surface mounted or sag LED lamps are characterized by unconventional design and very effective optical elements. The optimized heat dissipation solution based on convection makes the luminaire realize its light weight. Using LED light source, the service life is 100 thousand hours. Its intellectual property protection is as high as IP65, and even areas with high resistance to lighting equipment such as warehouses, industrial zones and gas stations can ensure reliable operation.

According to the product design team, LED lighting is a very creative and efficient cooperation result, and introduces many unconventional solutions, making the lighting equipment stand out from the competition. The unique design and parameters of lamps and lanterns are the result of close cooperation between the product design team and the company's optical design, electronic design and thermal design department. The result is a luminaire, with its luminous efficiency and total value added in the European market far more than all competing products, and attractive design.

Incredible color composition, smooth color conversion, light and shadow effect. All of these are important architectural elements in the future. Innovative and high-quality lamps create luxurious lighting effects and present new dimensions in architectural lighting. The latest LED technology meets the creative, technical and practical needs of users and investors. LED products provide high lumen output and long service life.

Architainment lamps are suitable for use in small area and large space, creating professional atmosphere for leisure and recreation. Lighting solutions are sustainable for various indoor/outdoor applications, such as shop window lighting, commercial and cultural social centers, open space and clubs and restaurants. Our close collaboration with leading component suppliers provides both the technical and practical conditions for designers and project architects to be reliable.