LED Street Lighting Manufacturers Analyze The Industry From The Perspective Of Ordering Items

- Sep 16, 2018-

Order items

When you ask the customer to order this product, you must confirm with the company the specific requirements of the product, such as voltage, light color, etc. If the customer has no special requirements, we will regard it as the normal specification or subject to our requirements.

We will provide a confirmation slip when placing the order. Product pictures are usually taken by us. Due to the change of material specifications or requirements, the company does not guarantee the goods after production

Exactly the same as what you see in the picture. At the same time, the price quoted on the website is generally our reference price rather than the transaction price (we promise not to raise the price excessively, nor to damage the customer's interests with low quality price).

Due to material increase or specification change, the final price will be determined through negotiation. At the same time, the price of the small-batch products of the sample category will be higher according to the production cost, and we hope customers to understand.

Industry analysis

Ex-factory cost price

The quality of jinding products is far superior to that of similar products in the market, while the selling price is only 30% to 60% of the market price, which is directly distributed to the warehouse after the production of the own factory.