LED Street Lamp Manufacturers Interpret The Integrated Design Of Solar LED Street Lamps.

- Apr 07, 2018-

Integrated solar LED street lamps are simple, no need to bury batteries, no complicated wiring or setup. All you need to do is screw up four screws on the lamppost to fix it, and you can use it. That's all. Solar power supply, no electricity integrated solar street lamp solar panels into electricity, without electricity, energy conservation and environmental protection.

IP65 protection level modular architecture.

The modular structure is equivalent to putting a solid layer of armor on the core of the street lamp. The protection level of IP65 can effectively isolate the salt tide, dust and heat, so that you can cope with the challenges brought by the harsh outdoor environment.

Patent battery management system, the battery can be up to six years, minus 40 degrees Celsius as usual use the scheme of patented battery management can make the battery for up to six years, greatly to protect the interests of investors and the earth's resources. The patented ultra-low temperature protection device, X5, can work under -40 C, which means it can be carried out in the cold region.

LED with pure aluminum lamp holder.

Select 5 wled chip, single lumen value up to 130 lm/W (@ 350 ma), cooperate with the cooling rate of pure aluminium base and excellent sealing lens, the LED chip as on a seal in the constant temperature box, keep high efficiency at the same time droop towardsreducing it.

Intelligent induction system

People come to light, people go to dark, effectively extend the lighting time. Turn off the lights during the day and turn on the lights at night.