LED Street Lamp Manufacturers From The Point Of Order To Conduct Industry Analysis.

- Apr 07, 2018-

Order items

Please customers order this product, must with the specific requirements of this unit to determine the good product, such as voltage, light color, such as customer has no special requirements, we will as a general specification or will be subject to our requirements,

We will provide a confirmation list when placing the order. The important order will still be confirmed by fax. The pictures of the products are usually taken by us. The unit does not guarantee the goods after production due to the change of material specifications or requirements.

The picture is exactly the same as what you see. At the same time, the price of the website is generally the price of our reference price rather than the transaction price (the promise is not to raise the price arbitrarily, nor does it harm the interests of the customers with low quality).

As the material changes or the specification changes, the final price will be determined by negotiation. At the same time, the price of small batches of samples will be higher depending on the production cost, and the customer will understand.

Industry analysis

Ex-factory cost

The quality of jinding products is far superior to that of the market, and the sales price is only 30% to 60% of the market price, and it is delivered directly to the warehouse after the production of its own factory.

The dealer's layers of profit.

A layer of dealers, level 2 dealers from the level of 10-15%.

Mall buckle point

The average discount of MALL MALL is 30%~35%.

Rent, decoration

10% shop decoration rent and decoration expenses.

Labor and other expenses.

About 10% of the labor and management costs.

Installation precautions

All devices of led street lamps should not be cut and knocked on each line.

All screw terminals should be tightened and connected reliably to each unit, power controller, bracket.

When threading the thread, be sure that the wire is not sandwiched between the lamp poles. The connection of the wire should be firmly connected and wound with PVC tape.

Smoking or ignition at the installation is strictly prohibited.

Do not use parts that are not recommended by the manufacturer or are likely to cause damage or hazard to the system.