LED Street Lamp Manufacturers From Overseas Case Analysis Of Rod Top/side Entrance Installation (PMT) LED Street Lamps.

- May 01, 2018-

As an enterprise of LED street lighting industry, we also have a corresponding understanding of international LED street lamp manufacturers. Europe's leaders in lighting research, development and manufacturing have a history of international trade spanning more than two decades. For retail and demonstration, office, education, health care and health care, sports leisure, industrial, streets and city, architecture and the media, and family and indoor applications to provide comprehensive portfolio of products, have their own. LED street lamp manufacturers from overseas case analysis of rod top/side entrance installation (PMT) LED street lamps. The peak/side entrance (PMT) of the LED street lamp installation, due to its excellent design of function, the exemplar of lighting parameters and high performance, the peak/side entrance to the installation of LED street lamp (PMT) is the most popular one of lamps and lanterns. It has been installed in towns and villages across Europe, and is now only used in smaller projects such as major roads and village lighting. That's the slovak major city of nitt, in the south-western part of the country, and decided to update the street lighting on all its main roads with the/side entrance installation (PMT) LED street lamp.

Nitra is a commercial, education, agricultural and cultural center in Slovakia. The city, known as "the mother of all slovak cities," was built in the early 1980s and built around seven hills along the Banks of the nitra river. In a beautiful environment, not only can you find a series of natural landscape, you can also find many religious, cultural and historic sites, let's catch a glimpse of an ever seen past of modern Europe's historic show.

There are more than 80,000 people in the city, and the whole year provides a wide range of activities for tourists and tourists. As part of the city's status as a modern city, it hopes to improve its sustainability, security and appeal through new, advanced streetlights. Compared with other lower-level LED lamps and lanterns, the peak/side entrance (PMT) installation of LED street lamp is the preferred lighting equipment, because it is better than original HPS lighting's ability to provide a better quality of light. LED street lamps with top/side entrance (PMT) emit low glare, visual comfort, and support for high levels of vision. The optical system greatly reduces the light pollution, which is an important factor in the night lighting city. This allows drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to be more secure in the streets and to ensure that wildlife is disturbed by illumination. More importantly, the LED street lighting with the top/side entrance (PMT) has excellent function, which means that the city's lighting related energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the environmental impact of the city is minimized.

When you first see our new city lighting bar top/side entrance installation (PMT) LED street lamp, the first thing to notice is its appearance. It's different. A single, large lens and smooth, unpolished perfect simple, soft bending design is indistinguishable from the rest of the market. But don't be fooled into thinking that this is the result of compromise. In fact, our product development staff on the new direction of the urban lighting design made remarkable achievements, it USES the latest LED innovation technology and the best optical technology and techniques to create a truly unique products.

Many modern city lights seem ugly. The top/side entrance installation (PMT) LED street lamp has a modern, clean style, and still retains some of the comfort and softness of the old traditional lamps. This means that the peak/side entrance (PMT) LED street lamp installation in any environment will form a perfect aesthetic consciousness, especially in the cities and residential areas, people want to be like and surrounded by familiar form. Therefore, the top/side entrance installation (PMT) LED street lamp is the architect's best friend.

But, as a lighting designer and city administrator's best friend. Then the bar top/side entrance installation (PMT) LED street lamp will not be disappointed here. Smart optical devices have a range of light distributions that allow lighting designers to use the same product to meet the need for complex and diversified requirements. In addition, the single-lens optical system of the rod top/side entrance (PMT) LED street lamp benefits from excellent optical transmission and lens transparency, without birefringence. It's also anti-ultraviolet, so it doesn't turn yellow, it doesn't go over time.

So it works. From a mechanical point of view, the lenses are especially tough because they resist microcracks. In addition to using very strong materials and components for other lighting fixtures, it also includes everything from durable electronics to excellent surface finish.

All of these functions together create a luminaire that provides excellent, strong and reliable lighting and technical performance that will continue and can achieve the desired effect of 143 lm/W. If this was not enough to make the city administrator frustration, the peak/side entrance (PMT) LED street lamp installation is suitable for the installation into the use of any modern lighting control technology, from simple regulation based on photovoltaic cells to intelligent urban system in the future. Conclusion? The top/side entrance installation (PMT) LED street lamp is a cost conscious, high performance, rugged and efficient luminaire with excellent technical and optical life and easy to control. Looks good! Not to love?