LED Street Lamp Manufacturer Standard And Safety Clause

- Jun 30, 2018-

LED street lamp manufacturer standard and safety

Information on dust-proof and waterproof penetration lighting conforming to EN 60598 / VDE 0711.

LED street lamp manufacturer standard

The CE logo of the product conforms to the requirements of EEC directive, and it is mandatory to indicate the consistency of LVD, EMC and ballast efficiency.

The F sign (installation surface), the lighting lamp meets the requirements of EN60598-1, suitable for installation on the normal combustible surface, but ends at 04/2012.

Safety grade I lamps provide ground connection.

Safety grade II function insulation. The lamps have extra protective insulation. Under fault conditions, there is no dangerous voltage to reach the metal parts that can be touched.

Safety grade III lamps provide low voltage (12V, 24V) and lamps do not need grounding.

LED street lamp protection grade

Protection grade international protection (IP) is based on the IP digital system of IEC 60598, which is required by IEC 60529, to prevent the intrusion of dust, solid foreign body and water, and to classify the light in contrast.

Protected solid (No. 1)

IP1x prevents 50 mm solid objects. The diameter is more than 50mm.

IP2x prevents 12 mm solid objects. The diameter is more than 12mm.

IP3x prevents 2.5 millimeter solid objects. The diameter is more than 2.5 millimeters.

IP4x protects solid objects of 1 millimetres. The diameter is more than 1 millimeters.

IP5x completely prevents solid and harmful dust deposition (dustproof).

IP6x completely dustproof and dustproof (dustproof)

Waterproof (No. two)

IPx1 prevents vertical dripping

IPx2 to prevent drip water when vertical tilt is 15 degrees

IPx3 prevents vertical water spray or rainfall of 60 degrees

IPx4 prevent splash in any direction (splash)

IPx5 waterproofing spray from any direction (BOP)

IPx6 flood control or strong water spray

IPx7 protection (waterproof)

IPx8..M inundation (anti leaching)

Impact resistance of LED street lamps

The use of Joule (Newton meter Nm) has been common for many years. Recently, as manufacturers apply them to their lamps and lanterns, the IK rating of EN 50102:1995, which is usually used for electrical housing and cabinet, also occurs because of its encircling circuit. The chart compares two ratings: