LED Street Lamp Manufacturer Accepts The Experience Of Inspecting And Supervising The Inspectors From Abroad.

- Jul 08, 2018-

Before we went through a list of domestic inspection companies for Russian customers, the main purpose was factory audit, product inspection, at that time received a period of time. Although it is the LED street lamp manufacturer, but it does take some effort, for example, some documents which are not commonly used in ordinary times, need to be provided, as the manufacturers can do the active cooperation.

For LED lamps, when receiving inspection, they mainly focus on the whole process follow-up inspection, shipment inspection, logistics and transportation inspection. Our factory has its own QC, do this for eight or nine years, also specially instruct him to ask the customer to consult the inspection company person communication problem, because in fact most also is QC, maybe also do this line for a long time, and then jump to such a testing service company. If there is a disagreement, it is necessary to settle it peacefully.

In the early stage of production, QC and LED factory personnel will confirm the production materials, accessories and production methods, from the source, to ensure that the products produced are in line with our customer's Russian standard. In the middle of production, sampling inspection will be carried out, samples are extracted from semi-finished products to check and do detailed tests. For the inspection party, it is mainly to prevent the continuous production of bad products. They also have an account of the Russian customers. In ordinary times, some domestic professional inspection and service companies will mail and foreign guests. Communication between households. For LED street lamps, the resident QC is mainly written in Chinese, written by people in the company or in the mother tongue of customers.

In the later period, the same sample inspection, mainly look at the way of packaging (the product logo has not attached, product certificate and so on), this relative to the domestic relatively simple, generally do not need trademark, manufacturer name and so on, the domestic mainly as OEM. Check the appearance of the product in detail (whether there are defects in the surface shell, such as breakage, scratching, scratching, rusting, etc.). Is there any problem? Is there a problem in the quality of the product?  (whether there are pressure lines, whether there are spots outside the luminous area). For exporting Russia to the service company's QC, it is relatively easy to operate. LED street lamps have the advantage of customs clearance in Russia. Many logistics companies can provide DDP, door to door services. For the domestic supervisor, when we are in the LED factory, we will ensure that the goods are fully loaded, empty containers are not put in place, and they are placed in a reasonable manner so that they can not be barbaric. It is necessary to check the lamps and lanterns information - category, packaging size, quantity of each category, and then take photos to issue to foreign customers.

In this case, there is a question that is closely related to whether or not to give kickbacks to inspectors. We also have exchanges with the colleagues, normal hospitality, and then walk, send some gifts, also not particularly valuable, before doing business staff friends have sent a good point of tea, also quite old, so it was too smooth. The main thing is to look at the factory's own situation.

The related products of LED street lamps and lanterns are shared by the inspectors who are entrusted by foreign countries for inspection and supervision.