LED Product Exports In October 2019

- Dec 03, 2019-

1. Export (U.S.) LED product exports have fallen significantly

Affected by the Sino-US trade war, China's LED lighting products exports have experienced negative growth for

the first time since 2011. According to CSA Research's statistical analysis of customs data, from January to

October 2019, China exported a total of US $ 2.865 billion (US) LED products, a decrease of 16.9% in the same

proportion. The whole year was in the form of a decline, of which February was particularly severe, a year-on-year

decrease of 41.36%.

2. The province's export (U.S.) pattern has not been affected much

The export (U.S.) situation of each province in October 2019 has not changed much compared to 2018. In terms

of major export provinces, Guangdong Province still ranks first, with 44% of exports, followed by Zhejiang

Province, with 25% of exports Fujian Province is slightly inferior to Zhejiang Province with a small gap, and the

proportion of exports is 20%, which has little impact on the pattern compared to 2018.

3. Distribution of LED Product Categories (US)

From the perspective of export category structure, in October 2019, bulb lamps (except unlisted lamps) still

accounted for the largest proportion of exported products, followed by tube lamps, spotlights and light bars.

Compared with 18 years, the proportion of product categories has not changed much. Although China's LED

lighting product export categories have become diversified, they will still be based on current export products for a

period of time.

4. Fluctuations of major LED lighting products

From the product price index curve, except for street lamps, other types of product index curves have not

fluctuated much, and the export value has also stabilized. Street lamps have continued to decline from January to

June this year, and the fluctuations are relatively obvious.