LED Plant Lighting Really Hot?

- Apr 12, 2019-

1. LED plant lighting market demand is so big, if you want to enter the biggest difficulty?

LED plant lighting is the product of multidisciplinary and organic combination development of biology, facility

horticulture, vegetable science, plant physiology, plant nutrition, bioenvironmental engineering, LED lighting,

intelligent control technology. Therefore, it is not enough to be good at one or both semiconductors, plants,

intelligent systems, and full collaboration and cross-research applications are essential. The biggest difficulty in

entering the LED plant lighting market is to develop high-yield and high-quality LED plant light sources or lamps,

and to solve the development problems of how to integrate light environment intelligent regulation, plant

photobiology and LED semiconductor technology.

2. Why are the lighting formulas of the same plant different from different companies?

Establish the basis of various plant growth and development, high-quality and high-yield lighting formula to

develop the LED plant lighting industry. The light formula is a set of parameters for the quality and high yield,

according to the characteristics of the plant species and the growth and development of the various types of light

quality and its quantitative attributes. The optimum lighting formula for each plant and for different stages of

growth is different. Why do different companies have different lighting formulas for the same plant, or even a big

difference? This is mainly related to the plant's growth goals. To put it simply, companies can lower their

requirements according to market demand and the company's own development needs. They only need to

exceed the minimum light formula requirement for plant growth. If other environments for biological growth are

also relaxed, not only the lighting formula will be different, but also the environmental control. The system will be

very different. On the contrary, companies can also strictly demand to create the best growing environment and

conditions for plants, so that the light formula developed is good. In the future, with the introduction of relevant

standards and requirements in the field of LED plant lighting in China, the lighting formula will be gradually unified

or maintain the consistency of basic conditions.

3. What are the principles that LED plant growth sources and lamps should pay attention to?

LED plant growth light sources and lamps are the core of the LED plant lighting industry. Enterprises need to

develop the light sources and lamps needed for plant growth according to the lighting formula. The following four

principles should be noted: First, the principle of high light energy utilization, formulate reasonable spectral

components to maximize the luminous efficiency of LED light sources, reduce the distance between light source

and irradiated plants, reduce light loss, and improve light energy utilization efficiency; The principle of low cost,

cost is one of the most important factors determining the industrialization of LED plant lighting; third, the principle

of ecological security, in the red and blue spectrum, increase trace or a small amount of green light components,

increase visual health; fourth, priority Development of plant-specific LED light sources and lamps with high added