LED Lighting Manufacturers Should Change Their Minds

- Jun 10, 2018-

With the development of lighting industry, industry consolidation speed significantly speeding up, the industry concentration increase gradually in recent years, lead to overcapacity, lighting price competition, although a large number of generic manufacturers is hard to get profit, is the core technology, channel advantage, scale advantage in the industry leader, is growing rapidly.

In pursuit of higher profits, LED street lamp manufacturers in the market gradually expand their business, and strive to increase value-added products and sales channels. For example, the expansion from general lighting to automotive lighting and lighting engineering has opened up LED lighting and applied lighting projects

Market chain. With the rapid development of intelligent cities and things, the lighting connection with the outside world becomes more and more important. The traditional lighting business or other industries are involved in the field of intelligent lighting. In fact, this is not surprising, after all, in the wisdom of old-fashioned lighting

Compared with products, lighting products cannot be produced only by the previous lighting industry chain, so it is natural for more companies to join.

But it is thought that the intelligent lighting market is just part of the lighting market, the traditional lighting companies to participate, we must invest in opening up new sales channels and industry chain, in my opinion, this is not accurate.

Because smart lighting is not as simple as people used to think that, like intelligent device is added in the production line of lighting as simple, but there should be a perfect system, considering the technology innovation and practicability of the product. Intelligent lighting can be based on human psychology

, physiological needs, or needs to be illuminated, automatically adjusts the most comfortable color temperature and brightness. By sensing the measurement information of the control, the intelligent lighting system will choose the best visual or the most suitable biophysical lighting.

Therefore, I believe that no one has become a "smart lighting" market, intelligent lighting is more like a kind of technology, plants in health care, lighting, lighting, automotive lighting, hotel lighting and other products in the field of concept, the nature of intelligent lighting technology can also be applied

Art. Just like the mouse wheel in the mouse market, so is the optical mouse. This is a market upgrade, not a new market.

Therefore, lighting business goal is not to develop or develop a new intelligent lighting market, but in a variety of smart update the original lighting applications, is a lighting market, intelligent transformation movement. Through the transformation of lighting after the transformation, to provide more services for customers, enterprises are required to change the sales thinking. Philips and schiphol, for example, have signed a 15-year "lighting solutions" contract to design 3,700 LED lighting and lighting equipment to meet philips' needs. Philips retains ownership of the lighting equipment. All management and maintenance services are performed within the contract period. The airport pays a fixed monthly fee. Through the Internet of things, the operation of lighting and power status is monitored at any time. No maintenance is sent immediately to maintain the best energy efficiency and the lights are replaced directly from philips recycling.


Technology to upgrade the service model should bring change, new elements such as cross-border and intelligence will be more and more to the LED lighting industry, intelligent lighting and other lighting technologies emerging products, should not be seen as an independent market, but should be seen as old product upgrade, supplement and improve the old service.