LED Industry Development Regional Analysis Report

- Mar 06, 2018-

Throughout the domestic led industry regional layout, has already formed the Pearl River Delta, the long three continents, the Bohai Sea area, the Fujian-Jiangxi area and the Midwest Region five big regions, more than 85% of the LED enterprise distributes in these five regions, China in the global led industry pattern weight is getting heavier. LED industry development so far, has long been in several provinces and cities in China gradually show a "race to the ground", "landing flowering" situation. At present, the development of LED industry in provinces and cities?

Shenzhen LED industry 2016 output value breakthrough 170 billion

According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen has nearly 2,300 semiconductor lighting related enterprises, occupying the "half of Guangdong province" and the country's one-third of the industry, mainly concentrated in Baoan, Longhua, Bright and Longgang 4 districts, of which more than 800 Baoan district.

In recent years, the Shenzhen LED lighting industry has a sound industrial chain, most of the industrial chain in the middle and lower reaches of the packaging and led applications, in the LED substrate, extension, chip links are relatively weak, low value-added products, with a variety of subversive technology, products emerging, traditional led enterprise production and management pressure to follow , many enterprises have closed down, dissolved. In the consumer more and more rational situation, enterprises want to strive for more competitive advantage, keep customers and markets, we must find ways to win a place in the upstream of the industrial chain.

2016, Shenzhen led industry embarked on a big shuffle of the road, they take the initiative to "manufacture" into "intelligent", with innovative means to increase the quality of efficiency, high-end production, intelligent products to become the only path to survival, innovation and integration into an indispensable attribute.

However, there are also insiders pointed out that the Shenzhen led industry is large and not fine, the lack of leading enterprises, product quality has yet to be improved. According to the Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau of the relevant lighting products, lighting lights, lighting products and control equipment (including LED lighting, led driving power) products of the latest quality supervision and inspection results showed that a total of 29 enterprises to detect 54 batches of products, unqualified products have 11 batches, 20%--30% The unqualified qualification cannot be neglected, the quality problem of the whole industry still deserves attention.