Leading The Import Of The East-west Network, Smart Street Lights Save 70 Percent Of The Electricity

- Jun 10, 2018-

China Taiwan street lamp because a lot of difficult to computing power of the individual, the monthly electricity and more use of the system, the traditional single street lamp fixed monthly pay 200 yuan (NT, the same), the principle of technology of Internet of things (iot), LED street lamp, not only significantly reduce power consumption, energy use data, how much the number of traditional street lamp 70% of its electricity.

About 13 million street lamps are counted in Taipei. If it were still a traditional street lamp, it would have to pay $26 million a month for electricity. With smart LED lighting, cities will be able to pay for electricity based on actual power consumption. The monthly electricity charge will be reduced by 18.2 million yuan.

Energy saving is no longer used electricity to reduce co., LTD., but how to manage the wisdom of information collection, the Internet of things open a large data analysis, every street can be immediately by wireless network information, the government department more effective management, not only save energy, improve the administrative efficiency.

Duli example, the current the most common fault recovery of the lamps in the Taiwan, China, have to wait for the public to inform the relevant units, government agencies will send workers to repair, but in the wisdom of the street lamp, street lamp immediately after abnormal, can immediately repair, reduce the risk of accidents, and the use of data analysis, makes the power control more accurate.

The intelligent street lamp system can automatically detect and report abnormal signals, control light intensity and data, and make it easier to transmit electricity.