Lamps And Lanterns Part

- Feb 27, 2018-

1, lamps should be firmly upright, declined to have loose, skewed phenomenon.

2, the lampshade should be intact, not broken.

3, enamel 灯伞 rust, deformation should be replaced.

4, lamp reflector surface failure, should be replaced.

5, lamp reflector in transport, the installation process should not be damaged or deformed, the lampshade should be added rubber ring, wipe the bright, lamp mouth is porcelain broken dew copper, should be replaced.

6, lamps, lamp body can not bend, each part of the fixed screws need to add a spring liner tight, declined to loosen.

7, cast iron cap has cracks, can not use, no rubber unqualified.

8, the lamp body holds the hoop to be suitable the pole, the installment service pastes should not be too long.

9, light body transparent cover and mirror repair should be cleaned wipe clean, the scene can not clean the replacement.

10, transparent cover of the buckle ring should be complete and easy to prevent the application of a reliable hook.

11, lighting dust felt must be complete, not neat to repair.

12, lamp lump and lamp flange must be matched with a crack has scars, screws to complete, bolt length should be able to penetrate the lamp lump flange.

13, a lamp suitable for different specifications of the lamp, the lamp should be fixed point to the same position with the bulb capacity, the best distribution curve.

14, all kinds of iron pieces are no serious rust or cracks, scars and other cases of patent leather rust should be removed rust paint or galvanized.

15, closed lamp lamp head lead, should use heat-resistant insulating pipe protection (asbestos pipe or porcelain tube).