In Previous Years, Light Lamp Posts And LED Street Lamps Design Related News Inventory.

- May 06, 2018-

It is undeniable that the design and development of lamp posts and LED street lamps have been developing rapidly in recent years, especially the LED street lamps have attracted worldwide attention. So, in the development process of the lamppost and LED street lamp, what stage has gone through? What are the differences? What is the direction of development? In this article, I will give you a brief analysis:

Street lamp light pole

Material change: the development of recent years mainly focuses on the improvement of function and quality. It is more common to bend, spray, cut and so on a series of processing of different materials of lamp posts. The material of the lamppost is Q235 steel, the whole cone is conical, and then it is sprayed to guarantee corrosion and rust, and the corrosion resistance is generally around 10 years. However, after after after a period of development, the material of street lamp light pole as demand began to change, began to appear more than 50 years of corrosion resistant ability and don't need any surface treatment of aluminum alloy lamp light pole. Benefits include: don't worry.

The surface of the lamppost of the steel lamp is bubbling and dropping paint, the surface of aluminium alloy lamppost is very smooth and beautiful; To save labor cost, people who have visited the production of lampposts should know that they need special people to be responsible for the grinding of sand and plastic spraying, and the labor cost can be saved by using aluminum alloy. Besides, the lamp pole of aluminum alloy lamp has high strength and has certain safety. Changes in different functions:

From the function, it should be divided into solar street lamp pole, high pole lamp pole, traffic monitoring lamp pole and so on. For different use of lampposts, performance requirements are also different. For example, the wind resistance of solar street lamps is relatively high, and the street lamp parameters should be calculated in a very detailed way. Lamp pole design personnel calculate the base weld width of the lamp to meet the requirements, as long as the welding quality can be guaranteed, the wind resistance of the lamp is no problem. To introduce a kind of traffic signal lamp light pole, light pole material is made of high-quality seamless steel tube, steel pipe and tube wall thicker, such a street lamp to achieve traffic light pole pole strong pressure resistance, wind resistance ability. The two examples listed above are just a few of them, which will be covered in future articles.

The LED street lamp

As for the LED street lamp, it has not only developed in the design and development of the appearance. Appearance, because LED lamps and lanterns still have a large part of demand to be used at home, so beautiful is very important. As far as 2013, there are many activities such as interior design and lighting design in all parts of the country. In now in all kinds of lighting use, the design of the LED lighting is more and more widely, the designers, the awareness and demand for lighting is in constant increase, from Jin Ding lighting designers to participate in the domestic each big activities feedback, in different activities constantly interact, communication, lighting designer for the application of LED lighting is becoming more and more professional.

In terms of technology, the luminous efficiency of LED street lamps has been continuously improved since 2008, and the development of energy has been greatly improved. It is hoped that the luminous efficiency of ED street lamps can be improved to completely replace the current high pressure sodium lamp. The development of heat sink processor has also made good progress. Now, the main research and development objects of LED street lamps are power supplies, which hope to be improved by research and development, and can have good light failure control.

As for street lamp lighting, LED lights, such as standard, the same is to be decided by the demand of the market, along with the technical progress of street lamp light pole and LED street light products, we believe that there are more and better technology research and development and design, attract more people into this, for the development of domestic lighting industry bring lasting power.