How To Waterproof Solar Street Light Components?

- Aug 22, 2020-

Most solar street light controllers are installed in lampshades and battery boxes, and generally will not get water. However, in actual engineering cases, some of them are improperly installed or the circuit boards of some controllers are not treated with three-proof paint, which will follow because of rain.

The external wiring of the controller terminal flows into the solar street light controller and causes a short circuit.

Therefore, during construction, attention should be paid to bend the internal connection wires of the controller terminals into a "U" shape and fix it, and the connection wires exposed to the outside are also fixed to a "U" shape, so that rainwater cannot enter and cause the controller to short-circuit.

You can also apply waterproof glue to the inner and outer line interfaces to waterproof.

In many practical applications of solar street lights, solar street lights in many places cannot meet normal lighting needs.

Especially in the continuous rainy days and the lack of light in winter, it is more prominent.

In addition to the use of poor quality related components, the other main reason is to blindly reduce the cost of components, not design and configure according to requirements, and reduce the cost of battery panels and batteries. Standards are used, so street lights cannot provide lighting in rainy days.