How To Set The Residential Street Lamp Post And Lighting Pole Spacing?

- Apr 20, 2018-

Because of the special working environment, we need to choose the main materials in the production, and we also need the maintenance of the main solar lamp posts. What aspects should the solar lamppost need to pay attention to when it is used?

During the production of the lamppost, the surface was hot-dipped, and the pre-processed components were immersed in molten zinc, forming zinc and zinc-iron alloy plating on its surface, and the zinc layer thickness was 65-90um. The zinc layer of galvanized parts is uniform, smooth, without burr, nodules and superfluous clumps. The zinc layer is solid with the steel bar, and the zinc layer is not stripped and raised. After hot galvanizing, it is sprayed and treated, and the coating shall not be cracked or cracked. It can not only improve the anticorrosion performance of the lamppost, improve the aesthetic decoration of the lamppost, but also meet the requirements of the customers on the color of the lamp.

Street lamp posts are frequented by passers-by, especially children. If the surface of the lamp is not well handled, not only will the street lamps be damaged, but the most important thing is that passers-by will be in danger of climbing. The surface of our street lamp is smooth, and users can safely use it. Thank you for your support of this website, I hope that the above introduction can help you.