How To Maintain The Lamp Post Of Solar Lamp?

- Apr 20, 2018-

In life, we often encounter when walking at night, despite the streetlights, but still black, sometimes is the brightness of the lamp is not enough, but most of the time, is a street lamp light pole spacing is too large, lead to dark road. In particular, there are many old residential areas in the present. In lighting lighting, there are many residential areas with insufficient lighting, because the roads are dark, which makes it very inconvenient for many residents to travel. So how to set up the residential street lamp post and lighting pole spacing?

Latest: according to the national road lighting design standard, in the residential area, generally along the road single side road light pole, 20 to 30 meters to set a street lamp, the lamppost also controls the brightness of the light.

Actually many old village because of small floor space, the road is not as horizontal even vertical, as new village set point mainly residents demand, there is demand, wire drawing, dark space position and meet the requirements for the construction of lighting, lighting light pole typically listed into the lighting plan. There are two kinds of street lamps. The spacing of the buildings is in accordance with the lighting of the lamppost. If you can't stand a pole, see if you can install a short pole lamp on the wall or existing lamp posts. It shows that people's pace of life is speeding up, and people's quality of life is constantly improving.

(1) spacing: the distance between lighting poles is determined according to the type and height of light used, generally within 10 meters.

(2) height: general light pole height is lower than the height of the solar street lamps, the inside of the village of solar garden lamp height slightly lower than the inside of the park, generally between 2.5 m to 4 m height, the determination of high according to whether there is as high as the community building, community building style to decide the design of solar garden light.

Through the above understanding, I hope to be able to help you, when placing the lamp post, you can refer to the above relevant data. Thank you for your support of this website, I wish you a happy life!